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Low Carb Diet Website EasyLowCarbDietPlan.com Launches with Tips on How to Lose Weight


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/09/2013 -- EasyLowCarbDietPlan.com proudly announces the launch of its new website helping readers lose weight and regain their health by choosing a low carb diet. The site follows the author Rosemary's journey to beat food cravings and addictions, lose excess weight and feel more energized and healthy.

Having battled eating issues and excess weight all her life, Rosemary's story is very similar to many, complete with yo-yo dieting, weight fluctuations and trying every new diet and fad available. The new site, online at http://www.easylowcarbdietplan.com, teaches people not only how to lose weight, but also how to change their lives. Rosemary reports that following a low carb diet has been not only very successful but has been easy to follow and has provided her with the results that she has always wanted.

According to an article Rosemary wrote on the site, "I lost 14 pounds in two weeks with virtually no cravings, and I’m still losing two months later. I have tons more energy, I’ve stopped binge eating or even wanting to binge, and I seem to have recovered from the chronic fatigue that I’ve had for the last several years. It’s been an amazing experience for me."

Losing weight is not easy, and there are many diets and eating plans to choose from. With so much conflicting information, it's difficult to know which plan and which diet will work best. Additionally, some diets are not healthy, or worse, the weight lost is not sustainable and is gained right back. The heart of the EasyLowCarbDietPlan.com program aims to conquer food additions and the vicious cycle of binging and overeating. By understanding what makes each individual overeat, he or she can then overcome that addiction to gain health and vitality while losing weight at the same time.

EasyLowCarbDietPlan.com helps readers know with confidence that they are choosing a diet that will be successful. Readers can follow Rosemary's journey as they lose weight by following her blog, reading her reviews and recipes.

About EasyLowCarbDietPlan.com
EasyLowCarbDietPlan.com is a new website set up by Rosemary C. who has successfully followed a new low carb diet plan herself this year. It includes informative articles, tips for losing weight, a review of the diet she used, recipes, and a blog tracking her own results. For more information, visit http://easylowcarbdietplan.com/.