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Diet Doc's Medical Weight Loss Programs Introduces Their All-Inclusive Low Carb Diet Plans That Naturally and Rapidly Melt Fat from the Hard to Reach Areas

Diet Doc combines low carb diet plans with fat burning supplements and appetite suppressants that help patients see fast weight loss results without struggling through food cravings, uncontrollable hunger and fatigue


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/30/2014 -- Because most low carb diet plans simply provide patients with strict menu options and little to no guidance, patients often become discouraged and lose interest when trying to reach their fast weight loss goals. Although some patients may initially see weight loss results, the metabolism will typically decrease during dieting, weight loss stalls and the patient has no idea how to reset the metabolism for continued weight loss. Fortunately, the professional doctors, nurses, nutritionists and coaches at Diet Doc follow their patients throughout their fast weight loss journey and are there when they reach that plateau and weight loss tapers.

Diet Doc developed their low carb diets and prescription hormone treatments that focus on safe, successful and long term weight loss for each patient. Weekly checkup calls are scheduled to monitor patients throughout which enables the doctors to quickly identify any weight loss plateaus, jump start the metabolism and redirect the body back into fast burn mode by making diet and medication modifications.

New patients will initially consult with one of Diet Doc’s highly trained fast weight loss physicians who will access and review the patient’s entire system to determine which supplements and weight loss treatments are most appropriate and will be most effective for the patient’s personal needs.

Working with certified nutritionists, low carb diet plans will be designed that include some of the foods that the patient enjoys while incorporating delicious low fat and low carb foods that leave them feeling full and satisfied. And, to make meal planning easier, new patients also receive Diet Doc’s exclusive recipe book, filled with over fifty pages of low fat and low carb diet recipes that the entire family can enjoy.

Diet Doc combines these tailor made, low carb diet plans with fat burning supplements and appetite suppressants that help patients see fast, effective results without struggling through the less pleasant side of dieting that includes food cravings, uncontrollable hunger and fatigue. These results, along with the ability for patients to consume almost double the caloric intake of other low carb diet plans, sets Diet Doc apart from the competition.

While the prescription hormone treatments and appetite suppressants help patients over initial weight loss hurdles, Diet Doc patients are so successful because the low carb diet plans and prescription hormone treatments are combined with education on how to lose weight fast for each body type and metabolism, while also helping patients break old, unhealthy habits for permanent weight management.

Diet Doc’s modern approach to fast weight loss has helped people nationwide improve their health by losing embarrassing excess fat. The company urges those who are struggling to lose that final 10 pounds to those who must lose 100 pounds or more to call the leaders in medical weight loss programs today to schedule a free and confidential consultation.

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