Low Cost Airline Air Blue Quits Flights to Pakistan

Air blue Pakistan’s privately owned airline providing low cost type fares for Pakistan has ceased its operations from Manchester UK.


Derbyshire, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/03/2014 -- The airline which was offering budget style fares from Manchester to Islamabad since 2007 has ceased all operations from Manchester indefinitely. Air blue, airlines was the first airline in history to offer round trip fares of less than £400 return. Promotional flights to Pakistan were averaging around £360 return. And one way fares at around £150.00, the airline was very successful among British Pakistani’s who preferred air blue over its national rival PIA – Pakistan International Airlines.

For decades PIA has been dominating this very popular and productive route with 90% capacity during peak seasons and 70% capacity during off peak seasons, average fares have been around £500 - £600 for PIA.

Airblue earned itself a considerable share of the market almost instantly by introducing unprecedented prices. The airline started operating 3 flights a week from Manchester indirectly to Islamabad via Trabzon airport located in east Turkey. With flights for Pakistan being overbooked and demand soaring for air blue the airline started operating 5 flights a week and at its very peak was flying daily to Pakistan Islamabad.

The airline grew rapidly in a very short space of time, its growth has been mostly due to its no frills style prices and the extremely well managed marketing and operational strategies. The airlines representatives in the UK have worked effortlessly for the airline in a very humble and professional manner by supporting its travel partners in such a remarkably outstanding manner.

In recent times the airline has been suffering from many technical problems causing delays and cancellations, with its Birmingham to Islamabad route lasting only around 2 months.

Air blue continues to operate domestically within Pakistan and internationally to the UAE, with its current focus being the Saudi Market, there are no confirmed or unconfirmed reports whether the airline will re establish its connections with Manchester in the near future although there have been rumours previously about a possible fresh start in the summer of 2014.

The suspension of airblue flights is bad news for its British Pakistani customers who have benefited exclusively either directly or indirectly. Competition with its big brother PIA was seen as a positive thing for its UK customers who had forced the national flag carrier PIA to compete vigorously by slashing its fares to as low as £400 return. It is unlikely that we will see prices this low in the very near future, with air blue out of the game PIA have very limited competition and will continue to dominate this market.

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