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Delta, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/23/2013 -- has some ideas to help these women find the experienced attorneys they need, such as:

- Personal Recommendations
- Professional Input
- Community Leaders
- Lawyer Registries

Talk about It

When a woman wants to hire an excellent female divorce attorney, she should ask other divorces women who they hired and why. Personal recommendations are a reliable method of beginning the search for the best attorney. Keep inquiries to people one is familiar with and has depended on for such information in other instances. Ask what about a particular woman barrister drew one’s friend to her. Did she have a commanding presence? Perhaps she was very compassionate with her client. Get several opinions and store them away until the time comes to choose a lawyer.

Expert Advice

Lawyers tend to group together socially and professionally, so speaking to a few of them can lead women to great female divorce attorneys. Now, when speaking to male attorneys, listen for nuances that indicate their true feelings about particular female lawyers; they may say one thing but mean another. Paralegals can offer good insight to specific female lawyers. They spend a great deal of time with these women and can tell whether they’re kind or rough around the edges.

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City & Town Leaders
The director of the local Chamber of Commerce may be able to suggest a brilliant female divorce attorney or two. He comes into contact with all manner of professionals, including lawyers, and can give relatively unbiased information about many of them. Law firms consisting of only women attorneys often join the Chamber to keep “in the loop” about local affairs and happenings. The Chamber director will know who these women are and can tell one how effective he finds the firm as a whole, and the women separately.

Online Attorney Indexes

A woman looking for female divorce attorneys can utilize an online tool called a Lawyer Registry. There are many of these on the Internet; glance through a few of them and compare what they promise to do before choosing one to work with. Most of these indexes contain the names of any lawyer who pays the joining fee, so some of them may not be entirely reliable. However, the majority of these services do try to help women going through a divorce find the best possible attorney for their cases. Simply go online, plug in what one is searching for, and await the results.

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