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Low Cost Health Insurance Plan Carrier LowIncomeMedical.com Expands Coverage to 25 States


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/09/2012 -- Low cost health insurance plan provider LowIncomeMedical.com is pleased to announce that they have expanded their California coverage to 25 states. LowIncomeMedical.com offers low cost health care and low income dental insurance plans to those that are on fixed or limited incomes.

In today’s economy, there are millions of people without the means for healthcare insurance due to bankruptcies, lack of adequate employment, declining levels of government assistance for low income families and other reasons. Families and individuals in California have been able to take advantage of highly affordable medical insurance from LowIncomeMedical.com. Now, the low income medical insurance plan provider has announced that they have expanded their coverage area to 25 states.

“Our primary goal has always been to keep affordable health insurance within reach of as many people as possible,” said a LowIncomeMedical.com representative. “Our expansion to 25 states will enable us to bring that coverage to potentially millions more.”

Their network of affordable health providers brings plan enrollees the freedom to choose their own doctors, hospitals and specialists in the areas that are most convenient for them. Even those that do not qualify for Medicare, Medicaid, or other low income health insurance programs can find affordable, flexible PPO health plans and dental plans to fit their budget. For parents with students in school that do not have coverage that can adequately cover their college student when a healthcare emergency arises, LowIncomeMedical.com also offers affordable student health insurance.

Their plans feature guaranteed coverage regardless of pre-existing health conditions, affordable monthly premiums and the potential to keep their current doctor. Best of all, they work with some of the largest PPO care providers in the country such as Aetna, United Health One, CareFirst, Blue Cross/ Blue Shield, Cigna, Assurant and many others.

Upon contacting their offices, their representatives will ask a few simple questions and provide a fast and friendly coverage quote that is guaranteed to be cheaper and easier than larger medical insurance carriers. Their internal coverage experts will research the most affordable health insurance carriers in the city, county and state in which the person or family resides and can initiate coverage in 24 hours or less. Health care coverage for their individual and family plans can also be used in other states.

As an additional way to help low income families and individuals, their sister website LowIncomeUtilities.com provides low income utilities price comparison tools to help them save money on electric, phone and other utilities. “Medical insurance as well as utilities are basic needs of everyone, and our expansion of lowIncomeMedical.com to 25 states allows us to fulfill that medical insurance need for many more people,” said the representative. For more information, please visit http://lowincomemedical.com

About LowIncomeMedical.com
LowIncomeMedical.com offers low cost health care and dental plans to those that are on fixed or limited incomes. Flexible payment and coverage options are available. Many pre-existing conditions are covered.