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hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Are Now the Leading Choice for Medical Weight Loss Because of Tailored Low Fat Diets and Fat Burning hCG Diet Pills

Diet Doc’s medical weight loss programs now offer dieters the nation’s best choice for eliminating stubborn body fat with a low fat diet and naturally powerful hCG diet treatments that suppress cravings for fatty foods.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/12/2014 -- Before you do anything, read more about Diet Doc's unique approach to the hCG diet here.

Dieters all across America who have been following a low fat diet for months without experiencing any significant results should consider Diet Doc’s advanced medical weight loss program that enhances a low fat diet with hCG diet treatments. These specially formulated hCG diet treatments contain naturally powerful hormones that target stored body fat in hard to reach areas of the body while also acting as a potent appetite suppressant that helps dieters stick with their low fat diet. The benefits behind a medical weight loss diet, as opposed to simply limiting fat and calorie intake, provides dieters with fast, easy fat loss and does not require strenuous exercise. Thousands of dieters across the United States have already begun their medical weight loss program and have successfully lost weight, with some losing up to almost a pound of excess, embarrassing fat per day.

When choosing a medical weight loss program, dieters should consider the quality of ingredients used within their hCG diet treatments. Diet Doc is one of the few remaining programs in the United States that has updated their hCG diet treatments using today’s advanced science and medical understanding.

While most competitor programs continue to market illegal and ineffective homeopathic supplements, Diet Doc recognized early on that these treatments were unsafe and unable to produce the results that their clients desired. The company uses the most potent form of hCG on the market today, packing more potency into their products, thus increasing shelf life and effectiveness throughout treatments; meanwhile, other less dedicated companies continue to use imported, less potent hCG in their treatments. Most imported hCG contains only 50iu of actual hCG hormone per gram, while Diet Doc’s American manufactured hCG contains up to 5000iu of real hCG per gram, allowing it to be more effective, more accurately measured for dosing, and have a longer shelf life. Cheap imported hCG lasts only 14-20 days, and loses potency incrementally, so a vial of this hCG begins normal, yet loses effectiveness slowly as one’s diet progresses throughout the month. Diet Doc’s American hCG remains consistently strong throughout the full month of dieting, so patient’s won’t see results slowly taper towards the end of the month.

Diet Doc employs a network of specially trained and licensed physicians to consult with their clients and recommend and prescribe naturally powerful, prescription strength hCG diet treatments that are effective in burning excess fat and suppressing the appetite.

Once dieters are ready to change their health and their figure, they only need to make a quick phone call and speak with a licensed physician about their health history, their goals for losing weight and their treatment options. Throughout their hCG diet plan, clients will have unlimited access, six days per week to Diet Doc’s network of physicians, nurses and certified nutritionists who are dedicated to the success of each client.

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