Low Income Divorce Lawyers Help, Choose the Right One

It’s expensive to get a divorce these days. Retainers of up to $5000 and hourly rates of $300 are not unusual. That’s all well and good for those who can afford that sort of money, but what about those who cannot? The following information will offer some insight about how to find good low income divorce lawyers.


Delta, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/30/2012 -- Once the decision has been made to dissolve a marriage, it’s usually a wise idea to hire a family law attorney who specializes in divorce. Particularly when child custody and support are involved, it’s helpful to have an effective legal representative. However, divorce attorneys are not exactly cheap, and people living on a low income may have trouble finding a good one they can afford. Here are some ideas to help these folks locate an efficient low income divorce lawyer.

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If the marriage was relatively short, 5 years or less, and there is no joint property to divide and it is uncontested, one can often use summary or truncated procedures that cost little more than court fees. Most states and counties offer forms one can download from the Internet that can help determine if one’s situation qualifies for the summary procedures. If it does not qualify, there are often low income divorce attorneys that can help for a few hundred dollars. To find legal services that will lead one to low income divorce lawyers, check with the state bar association and legal aid offices. Bar associations often carry lists of divorce attorneys who do not charge high fees or hourly rates. Legal aid offices can often refer one to divorce attorneys who will represent an individual for much reduced fees or no cost at all.

If a person looks at advertisements of divorce lawyers who help low income persons obtain a divorce, don’t believe everything printed about the lawyer. While most of those who advertise their willingness to help low income folks get divorces are respectable, experienced attorneys, some of them may be trying to take advantage of a person who has little money by doing the least amount of work and still expecting to get paid. In some cases where one spouse has more money than the other, the low income spouse can request that the other pay for some or all of his or her expenses. If the better-off spouse refuses to do so, the court can order it. To keep divorce costs low, try to handle some of the tasks on one’s own; this avoids having to pay a lawyer to do them and saves money.

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