Low Income Family Law Attorneys Available with Free Consultation

At some point in their lives, most people need the services of a family law attorney. It may be for the purpose of reading a will or for the division of land parcels, but if one is on a limited budget, how is he to find such a lawyer?


Pittsfield, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/19/2013 -- is here to answer that question by providing tips to uncover low income family law attorneys, such as:

- Lawyer Referral Systems
- Personal References
- Professional Recommendations
- Free Family Law Attorneys

Lawyer Referral Services

A tool for hiring a family law attorney for a low income family is a lawyer referral service. These offer suggestions for the kind of attorney in a person’s area that might be able to help him. Generally, this service is free. If he does not have a computer, he can also find listings for this sort of service in the telephone book.

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Discuss it with Others

Ask family members if any distant (or not so distant) uncle or aunt has earned their family law degree in the recent past. Most times, family doesn’t charge other family members for their services. This could be an effective way to locate a family attorney for low income folks. Also, talking to friends and neighbors to find out if they have a family lawyer can yield some great suggestions. It’s even possible that acquaintances might be able to help, so chat it up with people one feels comfortable with and see what comes of it.

Peer Suggestions

Another effective way to uncover good low income family lawyers is by talking to their peers and associates to gather ideas about which area lawyers could be prospective family retainers. Chat with a lawyer’s partner or other solicitors he comes in contact with and find out what they think of him. Observe the way he interacts with others around him, as much can be learned from this. Take a little time to assimilate the information gathered before choosing the attorney for one’s situation.

Pro Bono Family Law Attorneys

The best kind of family law attorney for a low income family is one who will offer his services for free. There are lots of these throughout the country, and they aren’t difficult to find. They work in law firms, individual offices, and with one or two partners. Whatever their professional situation, they are available to help folks who live on a tight budget.

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