Lower Back Pain in Early Pregnancy Solved - A Common Sense Approach to Lower Back Pain in Early Pregnancy

Curing pregnancy back pain need not be complicated! The root cause of lower back pain in early pregnancy can be treated at-home in just 2 minutes/day!


Carpentersville, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/17/2013 -- Pregnancy can present many joys and challenges. One of the most common challenges for expectant mothers is nagging lower back pain but there is no need to be alarmed (or in pain) because the condition is entirely treatable in most cases.

In order to properly treat lower back pain in early pregnancy (and middle to late pregnancy for that matter) common sense must prevail. The first logical question the expectant Mother should ask is: “Why is this back ache occurring?” The answer is obvious: “because your pregnant”. The second logical questions that need to be addressed is: “Why is this pregnancy causing my back pain and how can I treat it?”

To properly answer these questions one must first consider how the additional weight in front of the spine (the pregnant belly) adversely affects posture (spinal alignment). In the case of early pregnancy, the increase in weight in the front of the lower spine will cause this (lumbar) region of the spine to curve forward. In medical circles, this condition is known as lordosis, and/or swayback posture.

Now that we have established that an abnormal forward curvature of the lower spine is most likely causing the low back pain in early pregnancy… what can be done about it?

An attempt should be made to further support the lower spine as it bears the additional weight of the baby. This in turn will take stress of off the vertebrae of the spine and reduce pain. This can be done be accomplished through the use of various commercial maternity braces & supports that can be worn. Although these braces and supports may provide temporary relief, they are not viable long term solutions for back pain while pregnant because the extra support they offer actually weakens lower back muscles (spinal erectors). This weakening occurs because the brace is doing the ‘job’ that the back muscles should be doing. When the lower back muscles no longer have to do any ‘work’ they become weaker (mild atrophy). Therefore, these products must be worn all the time to realize their pain relieving benefits. Furthermore, one has to consider what happens to back muscles after 8-9 months of wearing the brace. Most likely, they will weaken to the point of causing more back pain after the pregnancy is over. Plus, many soon-to-be mothers may find wearing the braces/supports to be very uncomfortable and burdensome when worn all the time.

A far more sensible solution is to strengthen these lower back muscles to provide permanent support for the lower spine. This is best accomplished with the BODY-ALINE at-home back & posture exercise machine which strengthens the back and realigns the spine in just minutes a day with one simple motion. It has been proven safe and effective for expectant mothers dealing with lower back pain while pregnant and is the obvious choice for lasting low back pain relief. Reference the website below for more details.

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