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hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets and Weight Loss Plans Announces the Leading Medically Guided Diet Plans to Lower Cholesterol and Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

Diet Doc’s medical weight loss programs target stored fat, quickly flushing it from the body to lose weight fast, lower cholesterol levels and reduce the risk for breast cancer


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/08/2014 -- A 13-year study, performed at the Aston University School of Medicine in the UK, suggests that women who have elevated cholesterol levels are 1.64 times more likely to develop breast cancer.

Just as a high-fat diet poses a greater risk of developing heart disease, this same high fat diet may also increase the risk of breast cancer, the number one cause of cancer death for American women. The connection between obesity, cholesterol and disease is clear, with studies clearly associating obesity with an increased risk for elevated cholesterol, which is now also linked to breast cancer.

Cholesterol is naturally produced by the body. The combination of the body’s natural production, coupled with that which is consumed in the diet, can result in increased cholesterol levels in the blood. In addition, fat tissues produce estrogen, insulin and growth factors. Obese or overweight women have an increased production of these hormones, generating an elevated risk factor for cancer cell growth and tumor size.

Diet Doc’s medical weight loss programs have helped thousands of American women lower cholesterol levels and lose weight fast by designing diet plans that are rich in essential nutrients and include a wide variety of healthy, low calorie vegetables and lean proteins. Each nutritionist-designed diet plan is specific to patient age, gender, lifestyle and weight loss goals, while being compatible with almost any medical condition.

To take advantage of the nation’s leading medical weight loss programs, and to lower cholesterol with fast weight loss, patients can simply log onto the computer or call the company to schedule a personal consultation with a Diet Doc physician. After a medical evaluation and on-line consult, new clients will work closely with nutritionists to create their tailor made diet plans.

As evidenced by decades of scientific research, Diet Doc’s medical weight loss programs focus on targeting trapped fat, releasing this stored fat and flushing it quickly from the system. The real beauty of the diet plans is that, while patients are losing weight quickly, they are also learning which foods to avoid and which foods promote weight loss and lower cholesterol levels for restored health and long term weight maintenance.

Diet Doc offers comprehensive medical weight loss programs that include direct doctor contact, a review of each patient’s entire system, continuous monitoring of each patient’s comfort level, attitude and weight loss progress and unlimited support from the staff of specially trained professionals. This level of personal care and commitment cannot be duplicated by the competitor and has helped Diet Doc to become the nation’s leader in medical weight loss.

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