Lower Interest Rates on Unsecured Bad Credit Loans Now Confirmed has issued a statement confirming the lower rates that lenders agreed to allow on unsecured bad credit loans. These are meant to offer cheaper solutions to the involved consumers.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/03/2013 -- Generally, the cost of going with unsecured offers is usually high and the situation becomes worse when these are given out even to persons with poor credit. is determined to change all this and some talks with the lenders providing collateral-free bad credit loans have been successful. They will now be allowing lower interest rates and consumers will be receiving multiple options on these.

This offer will also present better payment options to applicants who will be qualifying for unsecured bad credit loans. It will still be upon the consumers to choose the loan term that will suit them and this is what will be determining the amounts to be settled on the payment schedules. There are lenders who will be giving the option of honoring payments fortnightly, weekly or monthly.

The system that applicants will be using to send in their inquiries will be available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. This means that one can complete the application form at any time of the day provided there’s a PC with internet access. Every applicant should be through with providing all the required details in less than 5 minutes and the completed form should then be submitted for reviewing.

Consumers will be getting to compare the lower rates, terms, payment plans and even fees shortly after forwarding their applications. They will not be under pressure to go with any of the provided quotes and this is a decision that they should freely make depending on what appeals to them. The verification stage will be following shortly after with the lenders providing cash on unsecured bad credit loans within 24 hours.

Persons in need of little amounts were also encouraged to apply in a statement that mentioned that, “It is the applying persons who will be specifying the amounts they need provided these do not exceed $3,500. Those going for smaller amounts will even been having the advantage of getting the funds within a very short time. There are even persons who will be getting the cash in less than an hour.”

The company has been in online financing since 2011 and it has created a reliable database of lenders which is updated regularly. Consumers are able to submit requests for financial funding in a matter of minutes with most of them receiving cash within 24 hours. The funds are transferred directly to the checking accounts of those who meet the set requirements. Visit for unsecured bad credit loans and other offers.