Lower Marginal Taxes Will Increase Unemployment. Increase Taxes to Grow the Economy. The Recession That We Are in Now Is the Result of a Failed Low Rate Income Tax Policy Since 1981

Less taxes, less government has not worked.


Scottsdale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/11/2012 -- First Capitol Books is pleased to announce that Occupy We The People is now generally available as both as an E Book and a paperback.

This timely book breaks new ground by documenting the direct relationship between a progressive income tax system with a high marginal tax rate and a strong, growing economy with low unemployment. The author, Victor Weintraub, shows that when the marginal tax rate is lowered unemployment increases. When the marginal tax rate is raised unemployment declines.

Since 1981 the tax paid by the wealthy has gone down. Effectively the progressive tax has been flattened as the marginal rate has been decreased. For the 30 years prior to 1981 the unemployment rate averaged 5.2%. for the 30 years after 1981 the unemployment rate averaged 6.6%. When the marginal tax rate is too low and stays there the economy goes into a depression. That is what happened in 1929 when the rate was reduced to 24%. That is what happened in 2008 when the rate was 35% for several years. We had the start of another depression. The only thing that saved us was that we propped up the banks and avoided the kind of bank failures that occurred in 1932.

The slogan “Less taxes, less government, more freedom” has not worked. What we got was less taxes more government and near bankruptcy. The current recession and the national debt belongs to the foolish Republicans and their tax policy.

Occupy We The People Decision Time For America, By Victor Weintraub relates the occupy movement to the middle class. It is an economic and social history that documents how we got into our present situation. It documents the destruction of the middle class. It highlights the problems that we face today and suggests solutions. When you read the book it will turn on the light of fact and debunk the political rhetoric.