Joe Bragg Explains Why Lumbar Pillows Can Solve World's Common Sources of Back Pain


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/20/2013 -- Every day, millions of people all over the world suffer from back pain. Some people take painkiller medications to deal with their back pain every day, while others try a wide range of back pain solutions that include magnets, massages, and magical beds.

A website called aims to put a definitive end to the back pain that people all over the world are experiencing. At, visitors will find a detailed description of the causes and treatments for back pain.

Instead of focusing on general back pain – which can be caused by thousands of different things – aims to solve a specific type of back pain: lower right back pain.

Lower right back pain is experienced for a number of different reasons. Some people experience lower right back pain due to medical conditions like sciatica. Others experience lower right back pain because of muscle strains, sprains, or nerve damage. In other cases, lower right back pain has nothing to do with bones or muscle; instead, back pain is caused by kidney issues, appendicitis, or even pregnancy.

Each lower right back pain problem has a specific treatment method. For example, those who are experiencing sciatica hip pain will discover that there are a number of easy at-home treatment methods available – including simply placing a lumbar pillow under the back while sleeping or lying with a support pillow between the legs.

Meanwhile, those who experience lower right back pain due to a herniated disc can perform a number of different exercises at home that will help naturally heal the area and reduce pain. Some exercises require an exercise ball, while others can be done on any floor.

As a spokesperson for explains, the goal of the site is to rehabilitate people while educating them about the potential danger of lower back pain:

“The ultimate goal of our site is to show visitors how to heal their lower right back pain problems. If we cannot show people how to heal lower right back pain, we direct them to a resource that can – like a medical doctor. We ultimately want to educate people on the seriousness of lower right back pain. In some cases, pain can be caused simply by a sprained muscle in the area. In other cases, back pain is created by serious kidney conditions or other problems.”

About is a website dedicated to solving lower right back pain problems. The website explains that lower right back pain can be caused by everything from muscle strains to kidney problems before showing visitors the exact treatment methods for each type of problem. For more information, please visit: