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Lowest Car Insurance Quote Website Publishes Top Five Car Insurance Myths Every Driver Should Know


Airville, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/26/2013 -- The Lowest Car Insurance Quote website has just launched an information campaign to let drivers know the five myths of car insurance. LowestCarInsuranceQuote.com is among the nation’s most recognized and trusted online websites providing the lowest car insurance rate quotes as well as advice and information to consumers.

When it comes to car insurance, there is a great deal of misinformation floating around online that can leave consumers confused and vulnerable to poor insurance decisions. In order to combat that information, LowestCarInsuranceQuote.com has launched an online campaign to let drivers know about the five most important myths of car insurance.

“Upon purchasing a new or used car, many consumers let their excitement get the better of them and don’t do the necessary research in order to choose car insurance that is right for their needs,” said a Lowest Car Insurance Quote website spokesperson. “Since a cornerstone of our mission is to provide accurate insurance information to drivers alongside the lowest rates on car insurance quotes online, we wanted to debunk some of the myths floating around so that they can make better decisions.”

The first myth is that older cars are seldom a target for thieves, which is absolutely untrue as they are usually the ideal target. Secondly, every car insurance policy does not cover the driver for every type of possible event that may happen. Drivers should ask their car insurance salesperson for examples of things that their planned coverage does not cover rather than assume.

Myth number three is that personal property contained in the car is covered for theft or damage. Depending on circumstances, they are likely not covered by the policy without inclusion on a policy’s personal property rider.

The fourth myth debunked is the belief that No Fault Insurance means any accident is never the driver’s fault. While regulations vary by state, No Fault Insurance usually means that all parties in the accident are covered for immediate expenses such as emergency medical care and possibly other types of costs. And myth number five is the belief that rental car expenses are automatically covered if the driver’s car is involved in an accident. Drivers should always ask their insurance salesperson if this coverage is included, and the details of its scope.

At Lowest Car Insurance Quote, consumers never pay a fee to find the lowest car insurance rate quotes. Shoppers merely enter their zip code in the box on the website homepage and they are instantly provided with a short list of companies with the lowest rates in their area. Drivers will find many of the biggest names in car insurance alongside of other highly reputable companies that may be able to offer a lower rate for the driver’s area and circumstances.

The website also has a wealth of information for consumers on topics such as teenage driving and safety tips, classic car information, vanishing deductible advice, and much more.

For more information, please visit http://lowestcarinsurancequote.com/

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