Lowest Priced eCigarette and Intuitive Recycling Program Hits the UK


Gloucestershire, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/11/2013 --, provider of disposable electronic cigarettes, is offering their disposables at highly competitive prices. Their innovative recycling program has also gained immense attention where consumers can trade in their used Vapetronic disposable e-cigarettes for a free one. The company stated that they are currently concentrating on creating reliable, fuss free vaping experiences at affordable price.

The media spokesperson of Vapetronic quoted on how their disposable electronic cigarettes are different from other providers, “E-cigarettes are really making a mark around the world and many companies are trying to establish themselves in this fairly new industry. Currently the challenge is to provide the best vaping quality at a fair price, something that many organizations are now finding out is not so easy. We at Vapetronic are initially concentrating on disposable electronic cigarette for two main reasons. Firstly we have managed to come up with exceptional vaping quality through the use of disposable e-cigarettes. Our customers have continuously commended the Vapetronic products for offering a very similar experience as smoking a real cigarette. Secondly, through research we have found that many consumers are reluctant to buy the expensive starter kits that most of the companies are providing. This dissipates the opportunity to try different e-cigarettes and stick to the one that is most suitable for a consumer. The low price of our disposable electronic cigarettes gives them an opportunity to test our products, which we are very confident about. Currently we are offering two flavors - the menthol electronic cigarette and the original electronic cigarette.”

According to the company’s website,, the recycling program allows the consumers to get one free e-cigarette for every 10 used disposable electronic cigarettes they send back. This is a bold initiative by Vapetronic and is not very common. The company informed that this incentive program was introduced to avoid the harmful effects of throwing used electronic cigarettes, an increasing problem given the huge success the electronic cigarette has become.

Vapetronic also provides electronic cigarette wholesale offers to retailers wanting to increase their bottom line. These wholesale deals can save substantial amount compared to buying individual electronic cigarettes. They are perfect for certain business to branch out and take advantage of what some are saying is one of the greatest inventions of the 21t century.

About Vapetronic
Vapetronic is one of the leading electronic cigarettes in the U.K. Through the company’s online platform,, details regarding the various e-cigarettes offered and basic information on e-cigarettes can be viewed. The company is known for providing their e-cigs at highly competitive price and for its innovative recycling program.

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