Lowest Refinance Auto Loan Rates with Best Car Refinance Companies

When financial misfortune strikes, it often results in people needing a little help. Maybe they need to modify their current mortgage or take out a small installment loan to help with roof repairs. When the kind of help required is auto loan refinancing, the best strategy is to find the lowest refinance auto rates available. The following information will provide ideas about how to go about this endeavor.


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/29/2012 -- There is more than one reason to want to refinance one’s auto loan. Sometimes, it’s to lower a person’s payments. Other times, it’s because the car is no longer worth what one is paying for it. Whatever grounds one cites for wanting to refinance his loan, the smartest thing to do is look around for the lowest auto loan refinance rates in one’s area and online. Understand that there is no one rate that works for all vehicles or owners. Much depends upon one’s credit standing, the age and value of the automobile, how much the car is worth versus how much one is paying for it, and other criteria. Also influencing the interest rate on auto refinancing is whether one wishes to purchase a new auto, a pre-owned one, or to stay in his current vehicle.

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A person can go about his search for the lowest refinance auto loan rates in several ways. He can go from lender to lender and ask about rates, he can ask friends and family members where they got their refinancing, or he can turn on his computer and start looking online. Any of these tactics can result in success; just be careful of possible con artists who will scam an unsuspecting individual if they can. Scams might include asking for fees up front and promising, but not delivering, service afterward; promises to cut one’s current interest rate in half or more for just a small starter deposit; and telling a person his credit score came in lower than it really is so a lender can charge exorbitant interest rates. Be sure the lending company one chooses is reputable by checking with the Better Business Bureau or one’s local chamber of commerce.

It is likely that a person will get the lowest auto loan refinance rates if he purchases and finances through a dealer. Dealers make their profit by buying and selling money, not cars per se, and they can earn as much as three times the amount of selling the automobile by refinancing one instead due to interest rates. The better one’s credit score is, the lower the rate will be.

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