LOZICS: A Logistics Management Software Application Offering Quality Solutions to Logistics Companies

LOZICS, a logistics and transport management software providing logistics companies with reliable solutions for their operations. 


Kolkata, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/07/2021 -- LOZICS is a logistics and transport management software owned by BNG Infotech Private Limited, a transport software company that specializes in providing efficient ERP software for transport, logistics, and fleet management at reasonable prices. Since 2005, the company has been providing transport companies with ERP software, and LOZICS is a modular transport company software with combined features. It has several options of modules, which include transport operations, finance, and accounts, fleet management, as well as several add-on modules. 

In response to a query, LOZICS' spokesperson commented, "With more than fifteen years of experience, we built an effective Logistics and Transport ERP software that improves the level of productivity of businesses, tracks essential business procedures, and increases the business growth of our various customers. LOZICS software for transport management was created via state-of-the-art technology and is flexible enough to help you with ensuring your products meet the needs and requirements of your customers, as well as the market. Besides, you can also get notifications via email or SMS as regards your selected modules".

The LOZiCS transport software is an ideal tool for transport companies' operations via road, train, container, and air. It is accessible online and is completely GST compliant. LOZICS was specifically developed for 3PL WMS, Full Truck Load [FTL], transport agencies, part truckload, bulk carriers, fleet owners, retail/parchoon load, container load, freight forwarders, truck forwarders, cargo & courier, and automobile carriers. Furthermore, its modules can be selected based on a company's specific needs, and they can be sure to receive highly effective solutions. Logistics companies that are on the verge to contact transport software company can give LOZICS a try.

The spokesperson further added, "Logistics companies make use of various software such as accounts, transport, fleet, FASTag, eWay Bills, payment card, and more. This is one of the reasons why we created LOZICS, as it has a collection of features from many apps in a single ERP, which places limits on repetitive workload. Also, hardworking staff members are required by transport companies to provide customers with information when needed, though, this is very expensive. We can make this aspect of your job stress-free and easier at just a low cost. With our LOZICS portal for customers, your customers can track their orders, view bills, access owing, and lots more".

The LOZICS software has several add-on modules such as marketing & CRM, payroll, freight & forwarding, and 3PL Warehousing Management modules. Some of the solutions offered by these add-on modules include tracking of marketing activities, creation of employee's salary with ease, customer-vendor bill linking, seamless monitoring of job operations, and more. For a standard ERP transportation management software, businesses can consider LOZICS.

LOZICS is software that was developed by BNG Infotech Private Limited to help digitize and offer logistics companies full control over their operations. It has over 10,000 users and has several inherent applications such as barcode, GPS vehicle monitoring, FASTag, payment cards, eWay bills, or petro cards, among others. Companies in search of reliable logistics management software applications have LOZICS at their beck and call.