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Lq Audio Technologies Company Ltd Pro Audio Manufacturing Experts Give Solutions for Common Audio Speaker Maintenance Problems


Guangzhou, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/27/2014 -- Guangzhou Lq Audio Technologies Company Ltd. China Pro Audio Manufacture Company that specializes in manufacturing both wired and wireless microphone systems, professional audio products, speaker cabinets, PA products have recently released an article written by their Pro Audio System experts about the most common problem pro audio system users face and how they can fix the issue with ease. The purpose of writing the article is to protect their professional audio system buyer’s investment by sharing pro audio system maintenance knowledge that only experts know about. In the article the Guangzhou Lq Audio Technologies experts explain and solve four of the most common pro audio speaker maintenance issues.

Firstly the common problem of a crackling sound when adjusting the volume has been discussed, the said crackling sound of the volume greatly affects the quality of sound coming from the speakers, to maintain crystal clear audio output at all times, the experts suggest that replacing the potentiometer usually solves the crackling noise issue. The potentiometer is commonly used in speakers to change the strength of the signal (except digital mixing potentiometers) and to adjust the volume and bass adjustment. Lq Audio Technologies experts explain that the potentiometer works through a movable contact after being used for long periods of time, the pot will fall into dust or contaminants, potential contacts may also be oxidized due to rust, causing the contact to be compromised therefore when the volume is adjusted using the worn out potentiometers the "crackling" noises occurs . This solution provided in the article by Guangzhou Lq Audio Technologies Company Ltd. provides to its readers an inexpensive solution for something that could have been an expensive fix, if a professional was called in for help. The other three common pro audio system maintenance issues discussed are:

Sound can be played, but will not appear timing noise.

There is treble but no bass

The issue of "buzzing" sound when speakers are switched on and the issue cannot be eliminated.

The said article can be found on Guangzhou Lq Audio Technologies Company Ltd website ( under the news section, titled “How to be expert of pro audio speaker maintenance”

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