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LSM Labs Offers Affordable Bitcoin Mining and Litecoin Mining ASICs with Delivery Guarantee


Wilmington, DE -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/18/2014 -- With increasing demand of Bitcoin ASIC processors and systems, many manufacturers are struggling to supply their customers the products within a fixed time frame. LSM Labs is one rare semi-conductor engineering company which is currently providing its Bitcoin ASICs with a delivery guarantee. The company recently announced that they are now providing a money back delivery guarantee to all customers. For orders before April 30, 2014 the company has promised delivery by May 14, 2014.

LSM Labs also added another option in this delivery guarantee of providing a 20% discount on orders if customers have not received their items on the promised date and still wish to keep the purchased product. The company’s spokesperson, regarding this unique delivery guarantee offer, stated, “We have spent countless hours preparing our logistic services for the coming sales batches. Being part of the Bitcoin community since 2011 we understand that Bitcoin mining progressively is becoming more difficult and any delay in product delivery can have serious ramifications on lost revenue for customers.”

Despite the recent introduction of its new batch of ASICs, the company has already sold out one of its product lines, the Cyclops 600 GH/s. Priced at $3,333 the Cyclops 600 GH/s was one of the most affordable ASICs available in the industry and its superior performance has been compared to many systems that are far more costlier. Now available is the ASIC miner Medusa 1.2 TH/s priced at a competitive rate of $3,199. The Pandora 3 TH/s is also available and is LSM Lab’s best Bitcoin mining product as far as performance is concerned providing 3 T/H at an affordable price of $7,199. This Bitcoin miner is assured to meet mining expectations.

Apart from the Bitcoin ASICs – Cyclops, Pandora & Medusa – the company is providing a Litecoin mining ASIC system as well. With Bitcoin having paved the way for future digital currencies, it is Litecoin which has gained the most attention so far. Litecoin is scheduled to produce 4 times as many currency units as Bitcoin, has faster transaction confirmations and offers the possibility of being mined by consumer-grade hardware as well. These advantages over Bitcoin are expected to make Litecoin even more popular in the upcoming years and many have already begun the mining process. LSM Labs is offering the Litecoin miner Apollo 180 MH/s Scrypt Miner, which has also been one of the company’s most highly demanded ASICs.

All ASIC system board’s have a lifetime warranty from manufacture defect or component failure. LSM Labs is currently providing 20% discount on bulk orders for 5 or more units as well.

About LSM Labs
Based out of Wilmington, Delaware, LSM Labs is one of the leading companies in the country that provides world class Bitcoin & Litecoin ASIC processors and systems. The semi-conductor engineering company offers specialized ASICs which perform at par or even better than systems by other ASIC manufacturers, however LSM Labs provides these mining products at highly competitive pricing making them affordable to the majority of the general public. Specific details of the various ASIC products and systems currently offered by LSM Labs can be viewed on their website, The company recently announced that their first batch of ASICs (Cyclops 600 GH/s) had immense demand and has sold out.

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