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LT Organics Announces Argan Oil Cream That Let's Consumers Donate to Cancer Charity launches pure argan oil product line that offers wide ranging health and beauty benefits.


Glen Burnie, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/10/2014 -- Contributing to “Elle Magazine” columnist Victoria Hoff has written “What Happens When You Swap Your Entire Beauty Regime For Just Oil?” Victoria Hoff writes, “In the past, natural oils used for beauty were touted only by those in the back-to-earth movement. Now however, every models, actresses and celebrities advocate the use of organic oil-based products. One of these substances is argan oil and its usage for skin, hair and nail care.”

Ms. Hoff continues, “This one oil can take on a myriad of beauty issues from dry skin to frizzy hair. With regular use, it will quickly become your beauty product du jour for everything. When massaged into your nails, you can extend any manicure for several days. When not using it for your face, body and hair, you can literally use its properties to take care of cracked heels. Just a layer of argan oil rubbed into the soles of the foot, a pair of soft socks and a good night's sleep can cure even the worse dry skin condition.”

To meet the demand for all natural argan oil, LT Organics was born. Spokesperson and founder Lizzie Brewis describes their mission, “We want to make sure the benefits of Pure Argan Oil is available to all. To these ends, all of the products we sell online on our website at are made from ingredients that are organically produced and environmentally friendly. Using only elements of the highest order, we strive to make sure all of our argan based products are kept in warehouses that feature climate control. This action ensures that the pristine nature of these products is not compromised or that any of the nutrients preserved in the cold-pressing of the argan oil is lost.”

Adding to their commitment to their products and the earth, is their devotion to the satisfaction of their customers. Ms. Brewis explains, “We are pleased to now offer a new hand cream that combines the best aspects of Argan Oil along with butters made from Shea and Cocoa nuts. With our air-mail delivery methods, our completely cruelty-free products go from their base in Morocco into the hands of our consumers within a relatively short period of time. Our customers can be certain that none of the potency of these delightful products is lost before it reaches them.”

Lizzie Brewis goes on to describe how their Argan Oil products truly make the difference for society. Lizzie states, “Argan Oil Benefits not just the faces, skin and hair of all those who try it. This oil is produced from the argan tree that grows in Morocco, the cultivation and pressing of it supports cooperatives of women who are able to support their families.” She adds, “With the purchase of our new cream, LT Organics will donate two dollars to the Vs Cancer Foundation, a non-profit organization that helps children who have been afflicted with various forms of cancer. We not only offer organic products that are Eco-friendly, but we make an effort to support causes that benefit the needs of people.”

About LT Organics
Founded by Lizzie Brewis, LT Organics offers the benefits of organically produced Argan Oil to those consumers looking for all natural solutions to an assortment of beauty and wellness issues. By adding Argan Oil to any daily regimen, both hair and skin can take on impressive levels of rejuvenation.

Environmentally friendly and safe for all ages, these products have been made both accessible and affordable to anyone with access to their web pages. Only second to their commitment to their line of products is their goal of pleasing their many customers. To these ends, all of their Argan oil products offer a money-back guarantee, perfect for those who may be hesitate to make their first purchase.