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LT Organics Announces New Charitable Program Benefiting vs. Cancer Foundation

Every order of 100% pure, certified organic, extra-virgin argan oil from company will spur a donation to important childhood cancer-fighting group, LT Organics reports


Glen Burnie, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/03/2014 -- LT Organics, a leading retailer of top-quality argan oil imported directly from Morocco, announced the commencement of a new charitable giving campaign. From now on, all orders placed through the company's online store at will result in donations of $1 to the Vs. Cancer Foundation for each bottle purchased. In addition to supplying customers with the freshest, highest-quality, all-organic, extra-virgin-grade argan oil, the operators of LT Organics believe in the value of charitable giving, and the new campaign is a reflection of this important corporate commitment.

"We are always looking for ways to show our appreciation for our customers and the many charitable organizations that do such important work in the world," LT Organics founder and owner Lizzie Brewis said, "and our new Vs. Cancer Foundation donation program is a result of that drive." Produced from the nuts of a tree that is native to and widespread in Morocco, argan oil has been put to a wide variety of uses in that country virtually since the beginning of recorded history in the area. In toasted form, it is widely used in the cuisine of Morocco, delivering a particularly healthful and nourishing complement of heart-friendly fats.

After being filtered, it can also be used for an impressive array of cosmetic purposes, and this is the main focus of LT Organics' argan oil product lines. Many users have found, for example, that regular applications of the pure, virgin oil can help to combat even chronic and severe acne, a claim that was upheld in the LT Organics "Argan Oil for Acne" report. Other argan oil benefits that regular users experience include healthier, more vibrant hair; more youthful, softer skin; and stronger, more resilient nails.

Instead of just providing the kind of commodity-grade argan oil that is available from other sources, LT Organics focuses on meeting a demand for the kind of top-quality oil that is most appropriate for cosmetic use. The company ships its oil by air directly from Morocco, a measure that ensures that the oil that it sells retains as much of its rejuvenating power as possible, particularly compared to the oil sold by competitors, which often sits on hot surface ships for weeks, breaking down in the heat. The products sold by LT Organics are also certified organic and entirely pure, containing nothing but 100% extra-virgin, cold-pressed oil.

The Vs. Cancer Foundation which will receive donations from every order placed through LT Organics under the new program is one of the United States' most well-known and successful childhood cancer charities. The Foundation has received widespread coverage for its innovative and effective awareness and fund-raising campaigns whereby well-known athletes shave their heads in solidarity with children going through chemotherapy. LT Organics is proud to support the Foundation through the new program and believes that the company's engaged, generous customers will appreciate the gesture, as well.

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Providing fresh, top-quality, certified organic, 100% extra-virgin argan oil to customers, LT Organics also works to educate the public as to the many benefits of the remarkable substance and engages in a variety of important charitable initiatives.