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LT Organics Publishes New Surprising Benefits of Pure Argan Oil

Argan oil is effective for far more than hair care, reports


Glen Burnie, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/04/2014 -- Many cosmetic products only work for one or two specific issues, so it's no wonder that people get excited when they find something that can improve the user's body in a wide variety of ways. According to multiple reports, argan oil is one such product. It's often advertised as a great way to improve hair, but according to sellers like LT Organics, it can do much more.

"Before-and-after pictures involving the use of argan oil on hair have been around for quite some time," said Lizzie Brew of LT Organics. "There is no doubt that the results of this product on hair are amazing. It can turn long hair from being a frizzy, dull mess into a set of glowing, flowing locks. Most of the ads show long-haired models because its effects are the easiest to see when there is plenty of hair to look at, but it's also great for eliminating the frizzies from short hair. The only problem with all of the hair advertising is that it doesn't touch on the many other argan oil benefits that exist. We're trying to change the perception that this oil is only for hair so that people can get the full good out of it."

One of argan oil's most popular non-hair benefits is its ability to rejuvenate the skin. According to LT Organics' site, it can help eliminate eczema and psoriasis, reduce the appearance of stretch marks, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and even help with acne. The idea of using an oil to reduce acne strikes many as almost being heretical, but apparently, this oil breaks down the clogs that block pores and cause the disorder.

It is noted that it doesn't take much argan oil to bring about its benefits. Instead, each application should only use a few drops. Overapplication of this or any other cosmetic oil will cause the skin to be overloaded rather than helped. A thin sheen, on the other hand, will work very well to eliminate negative skin issues and bring out a youthful appearance.

"While it only takes a little argan oil to work, it is important to note that such estimates involve the use of 100% pure virgin argan oil," Brew noted. "Some products claim to 'contain' the oil, but only have a tiny amount within them. Only by using the pure oil, as can be found on our site at, can consumers be sure of how much they are really getting."

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LT Organics is a maker of pure argan oil products, which it sells online at It air-mails its oil orders in from Morocco so that the oil doesn't sit for weeks on a hot ship. This preserves the oil's benefits so that consumers can gain the full effects when they use the oil they buy from LT Organics.