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Lubeman Mobile Mechanic Announces Name Change to BLUE TORRO


Sydney, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/21/2013 -- Lubeman Mobile Mechanic recently announced that the company has changed its name to BlueToro, as it continues to strive at becoming the best provider of Mobile Car Repairs in Australia. The new BlueToro brand conveys its unique and noticeably different position among the rest of its competitors in the industry; BlueToro mobile mechanics are “No grease monkeys. Just passionate automotive professionals”, every day Joes who care.

Elvio Gonzalez says, “The brand now better reflects who we've always been, and with a new name we will eliminate brand confusion with competitors.” Gonzalez, is the Chief Mechanic at BlueToro whose sterling reputation as a car aficionado and repair guy has been cemented through two decades of experience in the automotive industry. BlueToro followed through with the rebranding as they believe it is a better reflection of what the company has always been—a company of leadership and strength, in whose hands Sydney motorists can entrust their beloved vehicles.

This mobile mechanic Sydney company has seen astonishing growth through superior mobile car repairs and enthusiastic customer referrals. BlueToro makes it their responsibility to connect with their customers on a direct level in person and through social media. Many customers' responses note an easy, convenient, and reliable mechanic service at your doorstep with knowledgeable and able mobile mechanics.

BlueToro provide a distinctly different service from their competitors as mobile mechanics in Sydney which has lead to their re-branding to provide better contrast and to avoid branding concerns with competitors. One marked difference with BlueToro mobile mechanic, is that customers never have to deal with receptionists, and they don’t have to put up with apprentices. Customers always deal with owner-operator mobile mechanic professionals, all of whom possess a vast amount of expert knowledge and true passion for automobiles. Their expertise and breadth of knowledge is the envy of the industry, and they get the diagnosis and repair right the first time. These experts are true professionals, and they bring to the job the honesty and integrity that its many customers have come to expect. Customers love the convenience of their mobile services, while still receiving the full range of services that can be expected from a more familiar brick and mortar auto shop. The typical modern Australian customer has no time to spare for delays, and the quickness of BlueToro’s diagnosis and repair is utterly convenient.

All in all, BlueToro’s staff who provide crucial mobile repair services to Australian motorists are passionate automotive enthusiasts whose professionalism, expertise, and integrity are unmatched in the industry.

About BlueToro
After several years of consistently serving as Mobile Mechanics in Sydney, Lubeman Mobile Mechanic, has rebranded themselves as BlueToro to better represent their objectives and commitments. This Australian owner-operator franchise has been providing mobile car repairs since 2006 and is on its way to becoming a national franchise. Blue Toro’s Co-owner and Chief Mechanic Elvio Gonzalez has been involved with the automotive industry for more than 20 years. He is an avid car lover, with a firm reputation on and off the race track for getting the most out of cars and for fixing problems that others simply can’t.

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