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Lucien Elements Emerges in the Iphone World with the Launch of Exclusive Cases

Lucien Elements Offers Elegant And Superior Products To Consumers Worldwide


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/15/2013 -- Statistics reveal an excess of 1.5 billion iphone owners across the globe. Each iphone in use creates the need for a case to protect the owner's mobile device. With such a limited selection of cases available in department stores, a number of iphones become indistinguishable from the countless others in their proximity. In light of these facts and figures, world renowned jewelry designer, Lucien Elements, has made their inaugural appearance in the iphone world with the launch of their exclusive line of iphone cases.

Jesse of Lucien Elements confirmed, "We, at Lucien Elements, believe individuality is key, and our jewelry is designed based on this conviction. A number of the offerings designed by our highly regarded staff, comprised of the world's most skilled gold smiths, are deemed 'Seul au Monde'. This means they are the only one of their kind in existence. With the custom case design option exclusively featured alongside our Lucien Elements line of iphone cases, our clients are able to create an iphone case of this same nature. Underlying the exquisite facade of our items is a sturdy aluminum casing, offering the element of protection needed by our clients. Admirers of these unique iphone cases, though, will only be privy to the exterior design. Clients may choose from a diverse selection of colors for the case itself, as well as an array of hues for the Austrian Swarovski crystals their case will be elegantly encrusted with. Those with a limitless budget for their iphone case will delight in owning one of our beautiful and luxurious Lucien cases."

Jessie stated, "Along with our customized line, we also offer our First Edition line of iphone cases. This is the archetype, as well as the main focus, of the Lucien Elements brand. Original in design, it is the very manifestation of our three-faceted vision: the redefinition and stylization of accessories for mobile devices, the fusion of the elegance of fine jewelry and modern day technology, and the personification of luxury. This line epitomizes the time-honored jewelry fabrication techniques passed down through generations of the Thomas family of France. A virtual modern classic, the First Edition line offers the irresistible allure of explicit indulgence. We continuously update our products to accommodate the release of each new iphone model."

All Lucien Elements cases offer a global lifetime warranty on their Swarovski crystals, anti-glare flash rings, phone strap compatibility and superior impact protection, along with a number of other features. General consensus indicates the coolest iphone case is the most unique one, and Lucien Elements products offer this feature to the public.

About Lucien Elements
World famous designer of the most elegant and unique jewelry on the market, Lucien Elements has taken the iphone world by storm with the production of their elegant and exclusive iphone cases. The combination of Maison Lucien jewelry design and Swarovski Austrian Crystals provides unique and unsurpassed quality and beauty. These luxurious iphone cases offer a level of quality and exclusivity only available through Lucien Elements.