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Lucien Elements Launches Exclusive iPhone Case Line

Exotic iPhone Case Line Allows Owners To Stylize Phones In Upscale Fashions


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/11/2013 -- According to statistics recently released, over five million iPhone 5 units were sold in the first two months of being released with two million sold in pre-orders in the first 24 hours alone. These numbers indicate the popularity of the iPhone and the lengths consumers will go to own this iconic name brand, says the exclusive maker of iPhone cases, Lucien Elements, spokesperson. The same, he says, holds true for the iPhone covers the consumers use to protect their phones.

The Lucien Elements spokesperson explains, "While the the new iPhone 5 upgrade design is a good step in design for the fans of the phone who have long been upset about how easy it was to break the older versions of the phone, the Exotic iPhone Cases will never go out of style. We still have customers clamoring for the unique pieces with Swarovski crystals and 14 k gold. The cases are truly an extension of their own personal styles. Technically, the case is supposed to be to protect the phone, but our cases have warranties on them, too."

Lucien Elements, a company which started out as a jewelry company and has bridged over into high end mobile phone covers isn't worried about the fact Apple says the iPhone 5 doesn't need a case. "Even though the new phones 'technically' don't need a case, everyone wants one anyway. All the iPhones look just alike. The case is what makes your phone stand out from everyone else's. With our ability to design your own case, your phone doesn't have to look like anyone else's at all. And, it can be done with all the very best materials."

Lucien Elements offers many styles for the consumer to choose from, including the most expensive iPhone cover, The Le Benigne for the iPhone 4/4s. This $120,000 phone case featured 18k gold and 15 cts flawless diamonds. "We simply give the buyer what they want. The iPhone case is another form of jewelry for some buyers and we make it as lovely and extravagant as anyone wants it to be. From gold to crystals, from diamonds to gems. We can create what the mind can conceive. We have recently branched out to include cases for the Galaxy S4, too, with increasing demand for these phones, too."

About Lucien Elements
Lucien Elements offers one of a kind iPhone cases for the discriminating buyer. Known for their fine jewelry making skills, the jewelry makers have now entered into the exclusive phone case field, offering original hand-crafted, exclusive cases as well as customized cases for the iPhone owner to showcase their phone.