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Lucien Elements Presents iPhone 4s Phone Cases Sure to Attract Attention

A Wide Range of Cases Allows Each User to Choose the Case Fitting Their Unique Style


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/10/2013 -- According to, cell phone ownership continues to rise with 87 percent of American adults owning a cell phone in 2012. Of the cell phones in use in 2012, 45 percent were smart phones. "With so many mobile devices around today, users often find it hard to distinguish between their phone and the phone of another. With the help of the Most expensive designer iphone covers, this no longer has to be an issue as each user can have a unique phone cover that really stands out in a crowd," Jesse of Lucien Elements states.

When choosing Coolest iPhone 4s cases, you'll find you have a range to choose from. The Lumaslide and Lumaframe versions come in Spectrums while the Lumabelt option is available in gold plated, candy and sugar. "The Lumaslide and Lumaframe cases come in ten color choices while those who choose the Lumabelt case find they have 23 color options available. "Customers wishing for more personalization choose to have the case laser engraved. Although this process takes 14 days and only 21 characters may be used, this is a great way to make a phone case unlike any on the market today," Jesse goes on to say.

Another popular choice when it comes to the Coolest iPhone 4s cases is the Pardus leather series. Using premium leathers, Lucien Elements creates phone cases which epitomize class and elegance. Each leather used in the phone cases undergoes first-class tanning and processing to prepare the leather, ensuring a comfortable and seductive feel that is unmatched. "Pardus phone cases offer standard impact protection and may be used with a phone strap. Consider purchasing a case of this type to have any mobile device attracting attention everywhere it is used," Jesse continues.

Lucien Elements offers many other iPhone 4s cases. Consider the Prism collection, the Le Baron Crocodile models or the Angels II limited edition series. "With many iPhone cases to select from, each customer easily finds one that meets their needs and shows their unique style. For many customers, the hardest part comes down to choosing one case to purchase. Buy more than one. Doing so allows each customer to change the case as their mood changes," Jesse declares.

About Lucien Elements
Lucien Elements strives to transform personal devices into unique, breathtaking forms of self expression, with an emphasis on luxury iPhone cases. Lucien Elements dreams, conjures and materializes fashion accessories of the highest quality for mobile devices to transform the devices into works of fashion and art with the goal being to capture the imagination and attention of those around the mobile device user. Special design features allow for customization to ensure each device reflects the personality of the owner, rather than being an average case.