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Lucien Elements Showcases Pink iPhone 5 Cases Designed to Attract Attention

Thanks to Lucien Elements, Luxury iPhone Cases Become a Work of Art


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/09/2013 -- According to psychologists, pinks represents love and romance and is believed to have a calming effect on people. Prisons sometimes use pink to calm inmates and sports teams have, in the past, painted the locker room of the opposing team to make players less energetic before a match. "Many, when comparing luxury iphone cases, choose one of pink as it calms the mind and, with many cases to select from, finding a pink iphone 5 case has never been easier," Jim Sartek of Pink iPhone Cases states.

The Lucien Elements Together case remains a popular choice as it combines the newest innovations of Lucien with an emphasis on creative materials and artistic style. Designers from the company collaborate with guest designers to create breathtaking masterpieces, ones which merge the luxurious quality and bold charismatic styling Lucian Elements has become known for. "The Together case makes use of interlocking stone setting solutions to ensure stability and each case comes with a global life-time crystals warranty for customer satisfaction," Mr. Sartek explains.

The Spectrums iPhone case embodies the three-faceted vision of Lucien: the stylization and redefinition of accessories for iPhones and other mobile devices, the personification of luxury and the fusion of modern day technology and elegant jewelry. Improved and updated to seamlessly match newly released product lines, the Spectrums is the main collection and archetype of the Lucien Elements brand. "Customers love this true modern classic featuring mesmerizing crystalline luxury as the case features Swarovski elements, superior impact protection and a pocket mirror, along with many other features," Mr. Sartek says.

Lucien Elements makes a wide range of iPhone cases to match any personality. "Why settle for a standard, off-the-shelf phone case when a case may be purchased which transforms the mobile device into a means of self expression? With the addition of a Lucien Elements case, customers find their phone becomes a work of art, one which all will admire. Thanks to the customization features available, each mobile device case remains unique," Mr. Sartek declares.

About Lucian Elements
Lucian Elements strives to transform personal technology into distinctive, beautiful means of self-expression, with a focus on luxury iPhone cases embedded with Swarovski crystals. Lucien dreams, conjures and materializes fashion accessories any owner would be proud to display with all cases being made from the highest quality materials. Devices transform from everyday products to works of art and will enchant all who see them. Special design features allow users to customize the case to ensure each product is unique. Precision crafted interlocking parts make certain the crystals are properly embedded and locked in for unrivaled crystal stability.