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LucisTM, the World's Most Powerful Portable Cordless Mood Light, Introduces Her New Product Range Lucis 3.0 – Simple & Twist Series, Including All New Accessories


Amsterdam, North Holland -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/12/2018 -- November 27, 2018, Amsterdam, The Netherlands - Lucis, the award-winning ultra-powerful, wireless LED mood lamp, is back on Indiegogo with an all-new range of products and accessories that make the future look bright.

Lucis started it’s mood-lighting career as one of 2015’s breakout crowdfunding stars, having raised more than $100,000 and going viral with tech, design and gadget media. The product was awarded one of Buzzfeed’s ‘’coolest products of the year’. After a promising start, the company had a follow up product line featuring the Lucis Bamboo lamp in 2017; this stylish portable LED lamp proved to be the most powerful portable LED lamp on the market, and, after another successful Indiegogo campaign, was distributed throughout the world. Now, 1 year later, the company is back with a brand new product range; Lucis 3.0, ultra-powerful Dutch-design LED mood lamps that have some game-breaking features including; wireless phone charging and full powerbank functionality.

"With the new series of Lucis Lamps we continued our search towards creating the perfect cordless LED lamp that can set the mood anywhere, anyplace, anytime. Our 3.0 product line features both the Simple & Twist models that are centralized around intuitive function, portability and the sharing of both power and light ’’ says co-founder and designer Simon Koop. “Our new models were greatly influenced by the notion that people should connect and find each other, we wanted to create a truly social mood lamp that combined clean looking Dutch-design and great functionality to create the perfect setting’’.

Innovative Brands is proud to present 4 completely new wireless LED lamps:

‘Simply’ wonderful

The Lucis 3.0 Simple is equipped with strong LEDs that have a maximum output of 180 lumen. The lamp is easy to use thanks to the stylish touch sensors that control the lamps brightness level. The lamp is aesthetically similar to its big brother; the Lucis 3.0 Simple Power, which is equipped with a powerful 8000 mAh battery capable of giving you 88 hours of continuous lighting. Besides that, Lucis has an innovative feature (with the exception for the Lucis Simple model), which tech-lovers will adore; a powerbank -function that will charge your phone wirelessly.

A lamp with a ‘Twist’

The company also introduced another brand-new feature in the Lucis Twist; simply twist the top of the lamp to control brightness and color, creating a beautiful ambiance. The Lucis 3.0 Duo Color Twist is the first lamp to be outfitted with this technology. This twistable lamp has the same wireless phone charging and powerbank capabilities as the Simple Power and is capable of up to 88 hours of continuous lighting in the 2 available light settings; warm white & vibrant orange. The final lamp featured in the Lucis 3.0 line is the Lucis 3.0 Full Color Twist, which is equipped with strong RGB full color LEDs that have a maximum output of 250 lumen. This lamp features all of the functionalities of its siblings combined with the full color spectrum capable of producing over 16 million colors. These colorations can be enjoyed through the use of the 6 dynamic light programs that set the perfect mood for any situation.

Set the mood, with a twist, anywhere, anytime

In addition, Lucis is back with an all new line of accessories that enhance the adaptability causing the lamps to be a radiant addition to any interior design setup. All of the new accessories have full on functionality with any model due to the same 1-4 connector, granting the user full customizability in accessory usage.

The Lucis 3.0 Simple & Twist series is now available on Indiegogo, starting at the affordable price of 39.95 USD.

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