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Lucre Media Group Announce the Release of Official Pre'T Boi Huss Video "The New Guy"

After a short hiatus from his music Pre'T Boi Huss is back in a big way with his new music video single “The New Guy”. Huss continues to be a hot topic of conversation about rising rappers in the underground media, especially from the Florida area where his fan base continues to grow both larger and more and more enthusiastic.


South Florida, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/19/2014 -- In the rap game established talent carries a certain amount of weight, but when someone breaks through big things can go down very, very quickly. Florida's Pre'T Boi Huss finds himself in just that kind of enviable situation, where any day he could explode into the next big thing. Backed by Lucre Media Group, the ex-battle rapper has recently announced the release of his new video “The New Guy” which was made in support of his new EP with the same title.

“My fan base starts in FL which is home base,” commented the artist in a recent interview. “I am from Hollywood FL. I have a lot of loyal fans that support me no matter what I do. I keep them by being real, and I keep doing the music that I love because that’s how my fans identify with me. I will never give my fans anything less than that, and that’s how I keep them.”

“The New Guy” video has been met with remarkably positive feedback on YouTube, where many fans from outside Florida are being given a chance to become exposed to what Huss is offering. The marketing campaign is focused on grass roots activity something that both he and LMG are proving themselves masters of.

Pre’T Boi Huss, remarked on the subject, “Creating new fans is all about promoting and marketing. I do a lot of that. I am doing shows in different cities, and every time I gain new fans. I keep myself exposed.”

All this has led to increased interest in “The New Guy” EP which is currently available at both and Amazon, where's it has been met with excellent reviews.

Following up on his most recent live show on August 8th in Gainseville, Florida, Huss continues the momentum with his next show scheduled for September 30th at the Stage in Miami. Expect a mix of songs from “The New Guy” as well as other gems from the Pre'T Boi Huss arsenal.

The support continues to pour in for Pre'T Boi Huss's unique flow and honest street geared presentation.

Emily G., a lifestyle and music blogger from Boston, recently said, “It's tempting to try to compare Pre'T Boi Huss to other rappers, but the comparison is really stretching things. He's doing his own thing and keeping things correct. Prediction: by this time next year he get's major label interest!”

Pre'T Boi Huss will be on several mixtapes that are dropping soon from Florida to New York. He is booking more shows through Lucre Media Group and they can contact Lu Nina, 954-703-0691 and He continues to stay active on social media. You can connect with him on all social media outlets @ pretboihuss.

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