Lum-Tec Releases New Range of Limited Edition Watches Innovating Across All Major Styles

Lum-Tec has created a new range of limited edition Diver’s, Military and Men’s watches that use the most innovative materials to create stylish contemporary watches.


Askim, Scandinavia -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/14/2014 -- When watches first became luminous, they used highly radioactive chemical paints to achieve the effect, which has since been banned due to health concerns. Then came luminous watches that absorbed light during the day, like glow in the dark toys. These worked to a degree, but felt budget. Then MDV technology arrived, which allowed watches to shine in different colours and with consistent brightness. This attracted the attention of cutting edge watch designers, who to this day use it in their handcrafted Lum-Tec limited edition watches, a new range of which has just been released.

The newest range of limited edition watches from Lum-Tec use a combination of cutting edge materials and technologies like MDV and Titanium Carbide with classic materials including leather and bronze. Their limited edition ranges only consist of between one and three hundred watches giving a real sense of exclusivity.

Not only are the materials part of their appeal, but the design too, which aims to evoke a wide range of properties that speak volumes about the wearer- from the austere, classical, almost steampunk Bronze Clock to the Batman-esque GMT watch, each combines its materials and design to result in a personality that reflects that of the wearer.

A spokesperson for Lum-Tec explained, “Watches of this quality from traditional brands would cost upward of 20,000. Ours are often half or even a quarter of that because we are pushing the boundaries and innovating outside of the safe zone, creating unforgettable wrist wear that is new and exciting without being prohibitively expensive. Our craftsmanship and quality are second to none, and each watch is dispatched with a certificate of authenticity and its limited edition number engraved in it. When Lum-Tec becomes the next must have brand, the investment people make now will be redoubled on these instant classics, and Scandinavians can take advantage of this opportunity now, before the wave begins to rise.”

About Lum-Tec
Lum-Tec brings features and quality normally not thought possible without spending thousands of dollars. We are in the business of making custom and limited edition watches, creating unique designs and pioneering new luminous application technologies to apply to wristwatches. For more information please visit: