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Luminescence Sensors from EMX Industries Provide Superior Performance at Affordable Prices

UVX Luminescence Sensors Are Ideal Choice for Manufacturing Quality Control


Cleveland, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/13/2012 -- With the patented and field-proven technology available in the UVX Luminescence Sensor from EMX Industries, Inc., manufacturers across numerous industries can benefit from superior quality control at a tenth of the price of complex vision systems. The combination of affordable pricing and reliable confirmation and quality control makes the UVX sensor an unmatched, top of the line choice.

The UVX Luminescence Sensor enables manufacturers to see the invisible, detecting the presence of luminescent materials such as grease, glue, labels, wood, thread, rubber, paint, UV ink or crayon, and much more. It can also be used for optical brightness, temper-evident seals, lumber marking and many other industry-specific applications.

Increased reliability is offered with 3 to 6 times the range of competing luminescence sensors. Precise pin-head size detection is achieved through adjustable UV light projection and high resolution.

The UVX is also the only luminescence detector with both auto-teach and manual calibration. This means that while it can be finely tuned with careful adjustments and settings, it's also easy enough to be used and controlled by nearly any operator. It's the smallest and fastest luminescence sensor on the market, and can be quickly and conveniently integrated into any existing system or process.

It's ideal for industrial applications of all kinds, particularly high-speed automation processes. With a metal alloy case and glass lens, it's also durable and robust enough to hold up to the challenges of any environment, and won't get bumped or dirtied.

One detector provides both analog output and discrete output, with auto-detect for PNP/NPN. The UVX features a 2-digit display for signal strength indication, and provides various set-up parameters including light source intensity adjustment, detection threshold and gain selection.

The UVX family of sensors is available in 9 different models, offering any company an ideal solution to a specific set of needs. This includes the UVX-100, with a display range of 0-50, 1X-10X gain selection, 400 to 700 nm spectral sensitivity and an operating range of 20 to 100 mm.

The UVX-300 series includes five more models, each with an operating range of either 20 or 50 mm to 300 or 350 mm. Depending on the model, gain selection is either 1X-10X, 1X-5X or adjustable, and spectral sensitivities range from either 400 or 500 nm to 700 nm.

EMX has extensively studied the application of UV sensor technology across a number of industries. The result is that in 80 percent of cases, UV sensors enable applications that could not otherwise be reliably done, or could only be achieved with unjustifiably lofty prices.

The most UV-adoptive industries are automotive and packaging, however, there's a wide range of specific applications for which the UVX Luminescence Sensor can be utilized.

Within the automotive industry, these sensors can be used for anything from detecting rivets, inspecting components for the presence of proper fittings, verifying correct assembly, initiating or activating mechanical processes and more. For packaging processes, the UVX seamlessly completes tasks such as detecting the presence of glue on cartons or paperboard backgrounds.

The range of applications don't stop there, though. The UVX Luminescence Sensor can be used for electronics assembly, food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging and bottling, textiles, furniture assembly, industrial processes, lumber mills and more.

With its superior specifications and features, and its unbeatable pricing, the UVX Luminescence Sensor will offer an instant and dramatic improvement for companies and facilities of all sizes.

In addition to the UVX Luminescence Sensor, EMX designs and manufactures many industry-leading industrial sensors, including color sensors, contrast sensors, brightness sensors, and more, as well as a wide range of access controls.

Learn more about the UVX Luminescence Sensor by visiting EMXInc.com and seeing videos of the sensor in action, reviewing the specifications for each model and by requesting pricing quotes, or call 216.518.9888 to speak with a representative today.

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