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Lumus Dark: Intricate & Timely New Novel Explores Humanity's Relationship with Fear, Are Government & Media to Blame for Knee-Jerk Reactions?

Crafted with gripping aplomb by J. Benjamin, ‘Lumus Dark’ transcends any single genre to provide a thrilling look at how one man not only copes with a past he cannot remember, but with a world that is literally crumbling around him. Prepare for a dramatic and thought-provoking journey through misused power, media scaremongering and a display of the lengths some take to protect themselves from perceived threats. Throughout this searing narrative, J. Benjamin’s explorations into friendship and love, forces which can prevail against even the most heinous evil, reminds us what is most important in life.


Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/20/2014 -- While many novels offer readers nothing but a quick thrill or escape from reality, J. Benjamin leads readers into an examination of their lives in the context of actual emerging global crises. A prolific artist, poet and writer, J. Benjamin is now storming the literary scene with ‘Lumus Dark’, a novel which puts society’s leadership and media under the microscope.

This first volume of J. Benjamin’s ‘Rain of Fire’ series, will have readers redefining fear, as the disturbing parallels of everyday life force them to confront their own balance between good and evil.

The romantic poet John Keats believed that beauty is truth and truth beauty. He held that it’s all we know, and all we need to know. But what if you can’t always tell what is true, tangible or real? What if, like Ben Logan you have less than three years of memories since being discovered with total amnesia? Would the care and charity of well-meaning strangers be enough to quell the voices in your head demanding answers to the past?

Filled with doubts and searing anxiety, Ben unexpectedly meets mysterious and beautiful Karen. She reveals knowledge about his past, but is her beauty all he needs to know? Maybe in a perfect world, but the ugliness of a manmade viral outbreak creates murderous hordes of infected people; turning their tender encounter into a brutal struggle for survival.

As the disease rapidly spreads, it triggers a worldwide panic as governments unite to combat the pandemic. Will the creation of a one-world regime be the answer to stopping the anarchy? What is the truth behind the upcoming lottery for space inside newly fortified safe zones? Who could the mysterious figure called the Dark One really be?

Meanwhile, rogue factions, mercenaries and runaway military leaders take advantage of the lawlessness, and compound the peril as the globe descends into pandemonium. Strange signs and wonders lead Ben and his friends on a dangerous journey all over the earth to discover the truth, but many dark revelations will test Ben’s capacities for trust, love and heroism. With evil cloaking hope with a thick darkness, the absence of memory may be easier to endure than what lies beneath.

“The forces of good and evil are at constant war, as seen through the human experience, and their diametrically opposed agendas shape the actions of each individual decision,” explains J. Benjamin “Every reader will fall differently on the scale, and it’s something I want them to question. I’m also using the narrative to display the true power of love and friendship; two forces which can triumph over the most daunting adversity.”

J. Benjamin continues, “As the ongoing Ebola crisis highlights, society too often has knee-jerk reactions to fear, or perceived threats. These responses are shaped by the government, mainstream media, and the growing influence of social media. Lumus Dark explores how these forces work together to shape a common agenda, and in the case of a pandemic, usually revolves around damage control and containment. Can we actually trust any of these elements to work in a citizens’ best interests? Are the media really out to get the ‘story’ or are they furthering the misuse of power by covering for the powers that be? You will turn the last page brimming with new ideas about the world we share, and your own place in it.”

Readers agree that the novel provides a stimulating read. Ivey Johnson comments, “A fantastically crafted story of good and evil; the battles for the mind, soul and body of mankind. It is an adventure of heroes, villains, sacrifices, gluttony and love. Set in a reality of an apocalyptic era where friends and enemies may not be who you expect or both at the same time. Like all great epics there will be moments of sadness, anger, joy, relief, and most important wonder. A must read for those of apocalyptic, mystery, fantasy, and action adventure stories.”

Melinda Kern adds, “During my recent fifteen and a half hour flight from Atlanta to Johannesburg, I was thoroughly entrained by a newly released action novel Lumus Dark by a seemingly new author, J Benjamin. For once the airline movies had no appeal.”

‘Lumus Dark (Rain of Fire Book 1)’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1pjU8Mp

For more information, visit the author’s official website: http://www.therealjbenjamin.com

About J. benjamin
Adopted from an orphanage in Swaziland, one of the world’s poorest countries, J. Benjamin was raised by diplomatic parents in various countries around the world. Very early on he displayed a talent for art, and a passion for writing. Upon graduating from the International School of Kenya in Nairobi, he attended university in Washington State before traveling back to Kenya to work under the United Nations Higher Council for Refugees (UNHCR). Returning to the United States, J. Benjamin joined the US Marine Corps and served as a helicopter Crewchief, which included deployments to Japan and Korea. Continuing to write following an honorable discharge, he returned to school and studied forensic psychology. Following an enlightening stint in the casino and gaming industry, J. Benjamin has focused his talents on entertaining and educating people through art and writing.