Joe Bragg Produces Comprehensive Guide to Lung Cancer Stages


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/24/2012 -- Of all the different cancers a person can be affected by, lung cancer is often considered one of the worst. Not only does it attack one of the body’s vital organs, but due to the difficulty in treating it, it has one of the lowest survival rates of any cancer.

However this doesn’t necessarily mean that someone diagnosed with lung cancer will pass away within a few months. One of the main factors that affects how long the person lives for and how they can be treated, is what stage the lung cancer is in when they’re first diagnosed.

Understanding lung cancer staging though, can understandably be difficult for those not in a medical profession. has been getting a lot of attention lately by providing detailed, simple to read explanations of each stage of lung cancer, its symptoms, the life expectancy and what treatment options are available.

The plethora of content-rich articles on the site is written in a conversational non-threatening tone. Each article clearly provides the information needed, with the careful use of sub headlines throughout to enable users to quickly skip to the exact information they’re looking for without having to sort through pages of text.

The main menu at the top of every page divides the content into several key categories. These include Lung Cancer Stages, Lung Cancer Stage 4, Lung Cancer Staging, Stage 3 Lung Cancer and Stage 4 Lung Cancer Life Expectancy. This further enhances the site’s usability by allowing visitors to easily locate the information that’s most useful and appropriate for them.

A spokesperson for the site gave more detail about lung cancer staging:

“Lung cancer staging is the process in which the condition of the cancer is assessed with the aim to find out to what extent the cancer has spread throughout the body. This is one of the first things a doctor will talk to you about if you’re diagnosed with lung cancer, as it is directly linked to your life expectancy and treatment options”.

The spokesperson went on to explain the role of the site:

“Many people want to do research on the internet about diseases. However we know from our own experience that deciphering the medical language on these sites can be tough. Our objective for the site was to provide detailed well researched explanations of lung cancer staging but without resorting to complicated medical terms unless it was absolutely necessary. ”

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