Joe Bragg Aims to Give Visual Guide to Identifying and Understanding the Disease

Lupus Pictures is dedicated to spreading awareness of the world’s most common auto immune disease, and has created image galleries of symptoms for identification.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/20/2014 -- Lupus is not a well known disease, and those who do know it can probably only identify it as a punch line from the popular medical drama House. Lupus is in fact responsible for three in five cases of auto immune disease and can have a wide variety of negative effects on those suffering from it. Still little is known about the causes and treatments for the disease, and Lupus Pictures is a website dedicated to raising awareness of the condition, explaining its symptoms and effects, and helping individuals identify if they might be showing early signs of Lupus.

The website breaks down its image galleries into distinct categories, including photos of lupus skin rash, information on discoid lupus erythematosus, tumid lupus, cutaneous lupus, butterfly lupus, and lupus complications, as well as giving images to lupus treatments in action, complications caused by lupus and lupus symptoms.

The idea has been to create the most comprehensive documentary evidence of lupus available in a single source, and each category can be expanded to include easy to read plain English supplementation that explains in more detail the contents of the images, helping people gain a full and rapid understanding of what is known about this auto-immune disease.

A spokesperson for Lupus Pictures explained, “Lupus has a number of effects and symptoms, some of which are indistinct from a number of other conditions while others are extremely distinct and can mark out a lupus case immediately. Being aware of the full gamut of symptoms means individuals are more easily able to understand whether it is something they should be worried about or not. However, describing these things in medical terms can be confusing to the average reader and so pictures are the most effective way to communicate clearly with an audience wherever possible. We are making every effort to ensure we create the most complete lupus resource on the web.”

About Lupus Pictures
Lupus Pictures is a website dedicated to spreading knowledge of the world’s most common auto immune disease, and does so by curating high quality image galleries of symptoms and effects of Lupus so that individuals explained strange or unexplained symptoms may be able to identify Lupus early in its onset and gain effective treatment. For more information please visit: