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Luv Ur Cats Announces Upcoming Online Launch in January 2016


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/25/2016 -- Raiel Schwartz, the founder of Luv Ur Cats, has just announced the firm's January 2016 launch. The online store offers premium toys, food and treats, grooming supplies and accessories, along with innovative toys that provide many hours of interactive play for feline friends.

"We are a retailer of premium cat supplies and accessories," said Schwartz. "We created Luv Ur Cats for people who want to give their cats long-lasting, entertaining toys without spending an enormous amount of time and money experimenting with different kind of items to determine which works best for their furry companions."

Luv Ur Cats has assembled a creative assortment of toys designed to engage felines in enthusiastic and safe playtime. The company's collection of products are creatively designed with a strong use of natural materials, combined with colors and textures that are attractive to felines.

Pouncing, chasing and jumping are part of every cat's repertoire, but they can easily become bored without sufficient stimulation. As such, the boutique's toys provide mental and physical motivation that appeal to a cat's natural abilities. So for the times when cats must occupy themselves in a way that is safe for them, the shop provides interactive toys for felines of all ages.

Cats may nap around the house, but they all need a designated place where they can feel safe. Luv Ur Cats offers a variety of cat furniture ranging from beds and hammocks to lounges, along with carriers, cages and carrier bags for transportation and containment needs.

For the well-groomed cat, the shop offers kitten nail caps, combs, specialized scissors for trimming nails and scratching boards and posts to keep feet and nails healthy. Cat couture includes sweaters and an extensive variety of costumes. Hand-stitched leather collars are available for the most stylish and discerning of felines.

Schwartz and his dedicated team believe that the love and attention individuals shower on their feline companions is returned tenfold. The firm has a focus on promoting cat health and happiness with innovative play toys, grooming aids and safe cleaning products. Luv Ur Cats provides individuals with a resource for sharing information, owner support and adoption efforts.

The launch of Luv Ur Cats in January 2016 provides human companions with a one-stop online resource for products designed for the safety, comfort and health of their cats. The company's unique collections provide consumers with an extensive selection of traditional, innovative and interactive products that most appeal to those of the feline persuasion.

About Luv Ur Cats
Founded by Raiel Schwartz, Luv Ur Cats is headquartered in the U.S. with experience in the development of innovative cat behavioral, containment, lifestyle products and services to deliver only the highest quality items to all of our customers. We are committed to providing fun and innovative products for you and your cat that can provide a lifetime of entertainment and joy for your friends of paws and fur. The company maintains a presence on Facebook , Twitter , Pinterest , Instagram and Google +

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Raiel Schwartz, Founder
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