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Luxury Houston Real Estate Agents Showcase Newly Constructed High Rise Apartments in Downtown Houston

Houston real estate, and particularly Houston Luxury Real Estate is a comprehensive mix of property styles. New luxury high rise Houston apartments combine a great location with contemporary design


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/14/2018 -- In a busy and bustling city like Houston, new construction is in high demand. Luxury high rise apartments are perfect for home buyers who like to work and socialize in the city. Just steps from world-class dining, high-end retail outlets, and sports arenas, Downtown Houston real estate creates an understandable buzz for Houston luxury real estate companies and home buyers.

Current design trends see a strong contemporary and modern influence. Natural light is an important feature of the living spaces and in Houston, luxury high rise apartments make the most of the natural light by installing floor to ceiling windows, often with high ceilings in the rooms. Sleek lines and open concept floor plans fuse design and function as kitchen islands and countertops not only provide ample space to cook and entertain, their contribution to the design aesthetic can be significant, especially when luxury materials like Carrara marble are used. A modern twist on stylish countertops is the introduction of quartz as a countertop material. Irrespective of the kitchen design, functionality is always going to be a high priority for the owner, so clever use of space to install custom cabinetry allows a potential buyer the opportunity to imagine the logistics of living in the space. With high rise apartments typically having a smaller footprint than a single family home, designs are critical in ensuring the condo not only looks good but optimizes the available space efficiently. Part of the contemporary charm of a property becomes the space itself - an openness which is left after all the carefully selected fittings have been placed to create a natural 'flow' through the home, the opposite of a cluttered, closed-in set of rooms. Some of the high-end luxury apartments also come with upgrades as standard. These may include top of the line appliances for the kitchen, designer cabinets, and deluxe floor coverings.

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