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Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/22/2015 -- Peak vacation season may be coming to a close, but it's never too early or too late for a new travel experience. Whether it's a jaunt in a new car or a leisurely cruise to a tropical isle, any time spent traveling reveals something new. So, too, does Luxury Rental Directory, the social marketplace that connects asset owners with renters itching to experience the thrill of luxury travel first-hand. Currently, Luxury Rental Directory has hundreds of yachts, exotic cars and private jet charters listed on its online marketplace.

Luxury Rental Directory connects renters who want to experience something new with asset owners who can provide it. The processes of listing an asset or renting one from Luxury Rental Directory are simple and streamlined. Asset owners list private jets, exotic cars, yachts or accommodations for short-term rentals on the website; interested renters can then directly contact owners for pricing and availability information. Luxury Rental Directory will also, for a fee, send a representative to the location of any asset to perform a thorough verification and write-up. This process ensures that renters get excellent deals on luxury assets, and that owners can choose to whom they rent their assets and for how long.

Currently, asset owners on Luxury Rental Directory are offering renters incredible opportunities to travel in some of the most opulent and exotic vehicles, yachts and aircraft in the world. Each one, whether a Lamborghini or a private jet, holds the promise of a world-class travel experience.

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About Luxury Rental Directory
Luxury Rental Directory is the one-stop online shop for luxury vacation accommodations, yachts, private jets and exotic cars. By making it simple to establish profiles and listings, and by ensuring security and veracity with a combination of user reviews and independent verification, this social marketplace directly connects luxury asset owners with interested renters. The direct relationship ensures that renters get the best deals on luxury experiences, while asset owners have complete control over to whom they rent and at what price and duration.

Visit Luxury Rental Directory to create a profile as an asset owner or renter. For more information, Luxury Rental Directory can be reached at or 877-505-8987.