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LV MTJA 24: Launches Las Vegas Web Design New Packages

LV MTJA 24, Las Vegas Web Design firm launches 3 new bundled packages. Official LV MTJA 24 URL:


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/25/2017 -- Las Vegas is known to be one of the best places to go on vacation, but Las Vegas locals are increasingly investing in their business online. The internet has become a billion dollar market and a way that business owners can connect & showcase their brand world wide.

LV MTJA 24 is a Las Vegas web design company that provides premium web services to local Las Vegas firms as well as world wide corporations in a digital approach. LV MTJA 24 has recently launched 3 new packages that are made for 1-The Entrepreneur, 2- The Start Up Company 3- The Medium to Large Size Corporation. LV MTJA 24 has always been known for providing a full range of online services, but with the addition of these 3 new packages, things have got even better & bigger.

A quick statement from one of the advanced senior developers at LV MTJA 24.

"These 3 packages now make it easy for a company of any size in Las Vegas and around the world to purchase a quality web design, custom brand identity package, and SEO all in one. At LV MTJA 24, we always take the digital approach which is basically in 4 easy steps. The digital method is the most modern and accurate way to gather client information, keep a constant connection, and start creating a great project. These 3 new web packages were designed to fit the needs of an entrepreneur and up to a large scale corporation. Each of the 3 packages vary in price range, but the best part is that we provide businesses a fixed price based on their package choice and size of their project. Having a great image on the web is very important as it results to higher business trust and credibility online. We integrated quality coding, advanced SEO skills, and our experience over time to bring great results to all of our clients.'

Getting into the details of these packages below.

The 1st Package is called the 'Standard'. This package includes a web design, basic SEO, up to 1 integration, 1-month webmaster, and a free Wordpress install.

The 2nd Package is called the 'Essential Plus'. This package includes a web design, a logo design, premium level 2 SEO, 5 max integrations, 3-month webmaster, and a Wordpress install.

The 3rd Package is called 'Enterprise'.This package includes web design, a full brand identity package for a business, the best Supreme 3rd level SEO, 10 integration max, 1-year webmaster, content management system install, and other E-commerce options.

LV MTJA 24 is one of the best and most experienced las vegas web design agencies that brings innovation, creativity, speed, quality, experience, and results. With the launch of these 3 new packages, LV MTJA 24 has provided a great bundle solution for companies of all sizes.

Contact Info:
Name: LV MTJA 24
Phone: 702-990-3704
Address: 3960 Howard Hughes Pkwy Ste 500 Las Vegas, NV 89169