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Lydia Harris Gains Her Vision Back with Cataract Surgery from Braverman Eye Center


Hallandale Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/29/2019 -- Lydia Harris, a 60-year old woman, gained her vision back with cataract surgery from Braverman Eye Center. Since pre-school, Ms. Harris has suffered from poor vision and had to wear bifocals all her life. She was referred to Dr. Stanley Braverman by her Optometrist Dr. Dan Llewellyn in Fort Lauderdale, who is the official eye doctor for the Florida Panthers.

Talking about her vision problems, Lydia said, "Since I was in pre-school, I wore glasses. My eyesight got progressively worse through the years - and even had to wear bifocals that looked like Coke bottles. It was not an easy childhood."

Ms. Harris had two problems, cataracts and highly nearsighted eyes since birth, both of which needed to be treated. Dr. Braverman performed his trademarked LACEā„¢ procedure on Mr. Harris which is no-stitch surgical correction of cataract, laser assisted. Not only did Dr. Braverman correct her cataract, but he also changed the power of the crystalline lens to fix her nearsightedness.

Talking about Ms. Harris' surgery, one of the representatives from the Braverman Eye Center stated, "Ms. Harris had two problems. She had cataracts, but she also had highly nearsighted eyes since birth. With today's methods of cataract surgery, we are able to not only correct the cataract, but also, we can change the power of the crystalline lens so that nearsightedness can be eliminated."

Braverman Eye Center is a reputable name in South Florida for providing top-notch eye care. The center regards safety as a paramount concern and does not compromise on the safety of their patients. The center is headed by Dr. Stanley Braverman who is a well-renowned eye surgeon and has been featured in various journals for his pioneering work.

In addition to cataract surgery, the eye center also offers corneal surgery, cosmetic and reconstructive eye lid and orbital surgery, retinal detachment and vitreous surgery, and more.

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