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Lyon on a Leash: Compelling Novel by Erosa Knowles Proves Love & Romance Exist in 'Alternative' Lifestyles


Wilmington, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/28/2013 -- While erotic fiction has seen a boom as of late, many living an alternative lifestyle are quick to point out that the lives of many book-bound characters are far from true to the real world. While such releases do raise the profile of an alternative lifestyle, many critics fear that the world is being misled.

In an attempt to provide a factually-accurate insight into such lifestyles, Erosa Knowles is delighted to announce the launch of her latest novel, ‘Lyon on a Leash’. True to the real world and based on actual experiences, the book is proving that BDSM boasts love and romance, not just pain and kink.


Successful attorney Vera Knight has it all – an exciting career, a stunning home, and all the money she needs to travel the world in style. The only thing she doesn’t have is a man - and not just any man will do. She needs a submissive who will let her be as successful in the bedroom as she is in the courtroom.

Innovative graphic artist Marcus Lyon is on the hunt for the right woman to serve. Pleasing a Dominate and keeping her happy rocks his world. But a former D/s relationship has left him with emotional scars and a new attitude. The next woman he pleases will need to follow a few rules…

When Vera and Marcus meet at a slave auction in New York City, sparks fly, and she corners her man. Vera is sure she’s found the Alpha Submissive she’s been looking for, but will Marcus agree to give her the key to his heart as well as his collar?

As the author explains, her book is one of the few that shines a true-to-life spotlight on the alternative lifestyle.

“Sex sells, there’s no denying that. This is why so many BDSM-centric narratives bump up the kink factor and give readers a very misleading perspective of what any alternative lifestyle is actually like,” says Knowles.

Continuing, “Let me put it this way - every woman should experience the love of an Alpha submissive man at least once in her life. Such relationships are filled with the deep love, respect and commitment that is associated with any traditional relationship. I hope my book helps people see this and even consider trying it for themselves.”

Critics praise the author for the diligent efforts she is taking to change the world’s view on alternative lifestyles. With positive reviews expected to flood in following the book’s launch, the lifestyle’s public perception could be about to change for good.

“I hope people see my book as an antidote to other erotic fiction currently on the market. Believe it or not, it isn’t all about the sex!” Knowles adds.

‘Lyon on a Leash’ is out now and available from Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, All Romance eBooks and Smashwords. The book’s Kobo, Diesel, Apple and Ibooks formats will be released soon.

Hard copies of the book will be available this June.

Direct Amazon Link: http://www.amazon.com/Lyon-on-a-Leash-ebook/dp/B00CXY09ZC/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1369312670&sr=8-1&keywords=lyon+on+a+leash

About the Author
Erosa Knowles has a love for the written word. Originally from Miami, Florida, Ms. Knowles now resides in North Carolina with her teenaged son. Two older children are married and live in North Carolina as well. An avid reader since college, Ms. Knowles is one of those people who keeps her books as old friends and has re-read all of them at least once. Many have been read more often.

Writing stories, creating worlds and characters fuels her imagination. It is both physically relaxing and mentally invigorating. Although life got in the way and she had to postpone her writing, it is the one career she always craved. As a full time writer, her days are just as full, except now she is doing what she loves; reading exciting stories from talented authors from various genres, and writing the stories that tickle her imagination.