Launches Their Spanish Website


Scottsdale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/25/2014 -- The enjoyable and immersive world of music indeed knows no bounds. Music will always touch the heart of every listener around the world. It doesn’t matter if the listener is rich or poor. Whatever language a song is written in, its essence and emotion can still be understood and felt by different people. Music has the power to unite people regardless of country and status in life.

With the help of modern technology, even the farthest side of the world can listen to the latest popular music. No one gets behind on what music is popular today. Of course, there will be fans who want to sing along with their favorite music. After falling in love with a song, they need to know its exact lyrics so that they can enjoy listening and singing with it. has decided to launch a Spanish website that caters to every music enthusiast in Spain. Music fans from Spain can finally check out and learn some of the lyrics from the most popular songs in the current music scene.

The website has a front page that features the top 10 lists of popular artists and lyrics for every music enthusiast. The list will be frequently updated so that anyone who checks the website will be up to date on what are the latest songs today.

Anyone can check out their favorite song on the website. They will be sent to a separate page where the song’s lyrics are located. The words are translated into Spanish so that the visitor can understand it. An embedded video from YouTube is also included in the separate website where visitors can watch and listen to the music video of that song.

There is also an option for everybody to download the song to phones. If anyone knows the meaning of the song, they can post a comment at the bottom of the lyrics. They can even share it so that many will learn more about that song’s background.

Other than Spanish translation for the song’s lyrics, the website also offers translation in other languages like English, French, Italian, Japanese, German, Russian and Portuguese. This will also allow other visitors of the website from other countries to read and understand the song’s lyrics.

About is a site that hosts lyrics from the most popular songs in the music industry. The official website also includes the latest news and gossips from famous artists and musicians.

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