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M-Learning App Learn German 6000 Words Gets More Feature-Rich with Two Brilliant Additions


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/15/2016 -- Learn German 6000 Words, an m-learning that has already become quite popular among German language enthusiasts, was recently updated by the developers at Fun Easy Learn, an e-learning app development firm that has made numerous m-learning apps to date. The updated app now comes with two new features which the developers believe would make it easier for new learners to learn German vocabulary words.

According to the developers, the two new features are Speech Recognition and Slow Play mode. While the former serves the purpose of recognizing and correcting the pronunciation of the new learners, the latter helps the learners to listen to the pronunciations of German words more carefully. The developers maintained that their research team has carefully studies pedagogical dynamics and has suggested these two changes to accelerate and ease the process of learning. They added that though German is an overall difficult language to learn, these two newly added features will help the users in learning the new language with more ease and comfort.

"Our aim was always to make the app more feature-rich and more user-friendly. Already, Learn German 6000 Words translates German words to 140 deterrent languages, with a vast multitude of German words added to the database every day. We have also tried to make the app interactive at its best as there are seven different games which can be played from time to time for better and faster vocabulary building. In addition to all these, there is a review manager which helps the users to go back to the words and their meanings they have already learnt", said a chief developer of Fun Easy Learn during the official launch of the updated mobile app.

The developer also informed the press that the Learn German 6000 Words m-learning app has already received wide recognition on Google App Store and expressed hope that the app will soon top the list of top German language learning apps.

"We hope that the app will be especially useful for the child learners, who like lots of colorful images and illustrations", the developer added during a press conference.

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Learn German 6000 Words is an m-learning app for German language learners.

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