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Maceau Law Unveils Informative New Online Series Titled "My Legal Times"

Growing new collection of articles and video presentations will help site visitors better understand and feel more comfortable with a variety of the most common legal issues, Maceau Law reports


Colorado Springs, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/30/2014 -- Maceau Law, a top legal practice providing a variety of personal- and business-related counsel and representation, announced the launch of "My Legal Times," a new series of articles and videos focusing on some of the most commonly encountered legal issues. Produced by the founder of Maceau Law, Gregory A. Maceau, Esq., as well as the firm's other attorneys, the installments in the new series provide straightforward, actionable advice for business-people and individuals facing such problems as unpaid debts or divorce proceedings. Maceau Law is one of the most active and well-established law firms in the state of Colorado, with principal attorney Maceau himself having practiced law for nearly thirty-five years.

"For many people, the law is a confusing and intimidating subject," Greg Maceau said, "and Maceau Law's new online series 'My Legal Times' is designed to help clear things up. We have already put up a number of articles and video features that seek to clarify some of the most common legal problems and will be releasing many more in the coming months." After graduating from the University of Toledo Law School in 1980, Maceau went to work for the local county Prosecutor's Office, tackling criminal cases ranging from aggravated robbery to murder. After six years of such work, he established a private practice dealing with civil matters, a pursuit that he has remained dedicated to since.

Today, he oversees Maceau Law, a firm of a number of attorneys providing English- and Spanish-language counsel and representation to Colorado Springs-area businesses and individuals. The firm's lawyers handle a wide variety of legal matters, including all aspects of family, personal injury, divorce, and business law, as well as criminal defense. Taken together, Maceau Law's attorneys are some of the most experienced and successful in the state, and the firm has also distinguished itself through the client-first approach that focuses on maximizing legal outcomes, instead of simply piling on fees.

One notable product of this consistent philosophy has been Maceau Law's history of productive work aimed at making the general public more comfortable with and better educated about legal matters. The new "My Legal Times" series is a continuation of this commitment, drawing upon Greg Maceau's extensive legal experience in conjunction with that of the firm's other attorneys to dispel myths and cut through the confusion that surrounds the law in the minds of many laypersons.

The articles and video presentations in the new series are viewable from the main Maceau Law website at, where visitors may also subscribe to be informed about future updates. Those interested in particular legal topics that may have been addressed in the series may find them under the site's categorized navigation links, as with for articles that deal with the subject of divorce.

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