Maceio Sol

Maceio Sol - Athletic Wear for Modern Women

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Southfield, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/06/2013 -- Maceio Sol women workout clothing is created for the modern women to bring comfort with a touch of sexiness and athletic look. It combines fun and flirty yet feminine, tough and very sexy.

Every woman who has worn a Maceio Sol women workout wear is pleased with the comfort and confidence that it provides. Maceio Sol offers a wide range of clothing such as work out wear, sportswear, aerobics wear, yoga wear, dance wear, capris, tops, sports bras, jackets, long pants, sets and accessories.

The Maceio Sol New York dance wear is exceptionally daring yet subtle and trendy. Maceio Sol women’s wear uses high quality fabric that is gentle on the skin yet undeniably durable and long-lasting. The leggings by Maceio Sol feel like second skin. They are so comfortable; you can wear them every day, in and out of the gym. Furthermore, the fabric used in every Maceio Sol wear is breathable, preventing too much moisture that can lead to skin reactions or irritations.

Each and every Maceio Sol women’s wear is uniquely designed to enhance the beauty of a woman’s body. It also considers the need of women to feel confident and look beautiful all the time. Maceio Sol women’s wear flatters any body type while keeping you dry and cool. With a touch of Brazilian trend in every design, Maceio Sol is truly exceptional.

About Maceio Sol
In 2009, Maceio Sol was founded by Cely Maria Dias, a dance instructor that originated from Maceio, Brazil, so she can share her talent, fashion and confidence to her students. In 2013, Cely partnered with Lesley Gutman and opened a new horizon for Maceio Sol.

You can find their showroom at 29350 Northwestern Highway, Southfield, Michigan which is open from Monday through Friday. For weekends, you can schedule an appointment through email at