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MacGizmoGuy Sharpens Focus on the Mac Compatible Webcam Market

Apple technical specialist Russell T. Baer dba MacGizmoGuy provides a definitive online resource dedicated to Mac webcam news and product reviews. Apple's exploding marketshare gains are driving a growing interest in Apple compatible external web cameras for professional video capture, conferencing, and casual online chat needs.


Palm Springs, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/12/2013 -- With Apple's increasing laptop and desktop computer market share gains, more users than ever are researching the best web cameras to buy for Macintosh HD video capture, teleconferencing and online chat. Russell T. Baer aka MacGizmoGuy helps prospective Mac webcam buyers identify webcam models that are truly Mac compatible and work well with the most popular OSX video apps like Apple iChat, Messages, Mac Skype, PhotoBooth and QuickTime.

"Not all web cameras sold on the market function on a Macintosh. But thanks to a maturing web camera standard, UVC - USB 2.0 Video Class device compliance is critical help assure at least basic Mac webcam functionality with the UVC drivers built into Apple's OSX operating system. However, some of these USB 2.0 UVC web cameras are far better options than others on the Macintosh platform. At I strive to help prospective webcam buyers identify superior choices for casual webcam chat or professional video conferencing and capture needs which are best suited for each type of Mac user," Baer says.

It should be noted that not all Macintosh computers include a built-in webcam. The affordable Mac mini is a prime candidate for adding an external USB Mac compatible web camera, as is the higher-end Mac Pro desktop system. Additionally, neither includes a built-in microphone, so choosing a camera that also has a quality built-in mic can help provide additional functionality for voice capture or Apple dictation and speech recognition needs.

"Many Apple users need and want the versatility and flexibility an external webcam for Mac can provide. The limited camera angles inherent in an iMac, an Apple Cinema Display, or MacBook's built-in iSight web camera can be rather frustrating," says Baer. "In addition, specialized webcams such as document cameras, high-defintion HD webcam products, webcams with standard tripod mounting holes, or webcams with wide-angle lenses for group conferencing may be a better choice than what Apple provides."

No other online resource delivers such a dedicated focus on the Apple video chat and conferencing web camera marketplace. Visit to explore the ideal webcam for your Mac video conferencing needs as well as popular webcam effects software and online chat applications best suited for OSX.

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