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MacGizmoGuy Tracks the Apple ThunderBolt Backup Drive Market

As Intel and Apple's ThunderBolt technology gains widespread adoption, a broader range of ThunderBolt computer peripherals and storage options are arriving to more affordably leverage the potential of this high-bandwidth interface. MacGizmoGuy focuses in on the latest ThunderBolt backup drives and peripherals currently shipping.


Palm Springs, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/19/2013 -- Intel and Apple's high-speed ThunderBolt interface is delivering unprecedented data transfer speeds ideal for the fastest backups a Mac computer user will ever experience. For many though, the high cost of first-generation ThunderBolt storage products was a deterrent towards adoption. That's changing as the transition to Apple's product lineup has put ThunderBolt ports on untold millions of Macintosh desktop and MacBook laptops in use today.

A site dedicated to this high-speed computer interface,, is the brainchild of Russell T. Baer, a long-time Apple computer tech blogger and Mac gizmo guru. More popularly known as MacGizmoGuy, Baer has been bringing his quarter-century of Macintosh computing wisdom and technical insight to all levels of Apple computer users.

Unlike its counterparts, his ThunderBolt storage resource focuses exclusively on the emerging HDD and SSD ThunderBolt drive market for Apple computers. Thought a ThunderBolt drive was unaffordable? Think again as new solutions priced within reach of the average consumer's wallet arrive on the market each month.

"Until recently, it's been a slow and rather expensive road to the fast lane of ThunderBolt connectivity," Baer said. "However with a recent flood of new ThunderBolt external hard drives finally reaching the market, there's a much broader selection of storage options and price points to choose from. High performance multi-drive RAID ThunderBolt drives meet the demanding performance needs of enterprise, professional audio and HD video editing environments. However, single drive solutions are now becoming downright affordable options for everyday Mac users wanting super-quick file transfers and backups."

ThunderBolt's prowess isn't just limited to data storage. It also can support the demands of multiple streams of uncompressed HD video and drive multiple, large, high-resolution monitors such as Apple LED Cinema Displays.

"The ThunderBolt interface isn't strictly limited to the Macintosh computer platform. Intel PC's running Windows 8 with ThunderBolt ports are beginning to appear on the scene assuring an increasing demand for very high-speed storage and a broader range of ThunderBolt computer accessories," says Baer. "As we've seen in the SuperSpeed USB 3.0 computer peripherals space, external backup drives are the primary beneficiary of the huge leap in available bandwidth. Minimizing the time that large data transfers and backups take is a boon to productivity and a high priority for many computer users." focuses exclusively on the ThunderBolt hard disk and flash memory based SSD drive market for Apple computers. There you'll find the best products to help Mac users safely back up or quickly transfer large video, audio and image files at unprecedented speeds with an external ThunderBolt SSD or HDD storage solution. For more information on current drive products and price points, please visit

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