Macirculaire Has Just Released an English Version of Its Website


Quebec, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/20/2013 -- An established and renowned Canadian website whose mission is to provide Quebec residents with easy access to all online circular ads and weekly flyers is pleased to announce the release of their website’s new English version. Word has it that the creators and management behind decided to release an English version of their website after receiving a ton of requests from the English speaking residents of Quebec. This is by far good news to the residents of Quebec, specifically the ones who are accustomed to reading and talking English. With this latest development, English speaking Canadians who are living in Quebec can now create an account with Macirculaire, and bookmark their own circulars to keep track of the best offers. To use Macirculaire’s English version, navigate to

As a leading online source of weekly flyers and circular ads in Quebec, Canada, Macirculaire Quebec has access to a great number of stores, boutiques and shops in Quebec. With Macirculaire Quebec, you will be able to track down the latest offers from Quebec’s finest electronic shops, clothing boutiques, pharmacies, and grocery centers. Furthermore, Macirculaire Quebec can help you help find the best deals and discounts for your preferred item, service or product.

Adam Cage, an engineer from Quebec, said “I have used a lot of websites for online flyers, but none of them as comprehensive as Macirculaire. As far as I’m concerned, Macirculaire is the best of its kind. With Macirculaire, shopping becomes fairly easier, simpler and more convenient. If you are looking for the best source of weekly flyers Canada, I strongly suggest that you use Macirculaire’s service. “

The best thing about Macirculaire Quebec is that anyone can use it for free. As provider of Weekly Flyers Canada, Macirculaire Quebec has no monthly subscription fees or annual payments. With Macirculaire, you get to enjoy a wide variety of circular ads and weekly flyers in Quebec for no costs at all. If you want to use their astounding service, you have to log on your computer system, and navigate to their official website at

As long you have a stable connection to the World Wide Web, you can access Macirculaire’s official website and online flyers wherever you want. As a matter of fact, you can even access it on a coffee where there is no computer or laptop. Using only your mobile phone or tablet, you can access Macirculaire’s website through a Wi-Fi connection, and get the latest flyers in Quebec. With their mobile version, rest assured that you will be able to track down the latest offers from your preferred groceries, clothing stores or grocery centers. To use or download their mobile version, visit

About Macirculaire
With Macirculaire, you get a chance to compile the latest offers from your preferred store at your convenience. Basically, they are available at any time you want, even during weekends and holidays. As an online source of circular ads and flyers, Macirculaire has to operate in twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, and in three hundred sixty five days a year.

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