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Mack the Fire Truck Goes on Fifth Adventure in Latest Children's Book

Texas-based author Trey Watson releases fifth children's book in fire truck book series.


Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/09/2012 -- Children’s author Trey Watson has released the fifth in his series of stories about Mac the Fire Truck and his adventures. This time Mac and his best buddy Pudgy the Dog learn of an airplane on fire. Together they work with other machines (including a fire helicopter) at the airport to find a unique and memorable way to put the fire out.

“Kids love fire trucks and firefighters,” Mr. Watson said. “By bringing them a fire truck book, the children are already interested in so the story. In the book they learn a how the fire is put out. Because they are so interested in the main characters, the book helps them to learn more about reading. They also learn a bit about fire safety as well.”

The fire truck book also teaches kids the importance of cooperation and working together as Mac and Pudgy learn they have to help to put the blaze out.

The story is told in rhyming text to help children learn the story faster.

“Dr. Seuss taught millions of children about reading by making his stories rhyme. It worked for us and it has worked for the generations since we came along. Children like rhyming because it is easy to remember,” Mr. Watson said.

Full of colorful images that spell out the story in pictures, the book is easy for a non-reading child to pick up and make up his own story about Mac, Pudgy and the friends they meet putting out the blaze. Mr. Watson said that is important. “One of the first steps toward reading is being able to make a story out of a series of pictures,”he said. “Besides which, it encourages kids to use their imagination and that’s always a good thing.”

The book is for ages 2-6. Other books in the series can be found at the author’s website.

The formatting for this book, as well as the other books in the series, only work on the Kindle Fire and Kindle for PC along with Kindle for some Apple products.

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