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Mackie Road Clinic Offers a One-Stop Health & Wellness Centre


Bentleigh East, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/29/2014 -- The Mackie Road Clinic provides residents in the Bentleigh area with an extensive range of medical and cosmetic services in one convenient location. Clients can avail themselves of services ranging from wound care and cosmetic procedures at the modern facility to address virtually any concern.

Skin cancer is one of the fastest growing threats to individuals who enjoy outdoor activities. It’s essential that skin cancer be detected in the earliest form and to do so, the practice conducts regular skin cancer clinics to identify the disease in every stage and provide patients with treatment options that will eliminate the disease and mitigate disfigurement.

Immunizations are an essential element of healthcare protection that prevents children and adults from dangerous and even deadly diseases. A full range of vaccinations are offered for children and adults. Staff members closely monitor disease outbreaks, potential threats, and provide patients traveling abroad with data about specific immunizations needed to protect themselves at their destination.

Accidents can happen any time and are especially dangerous for those with chronic diseases and conditions. The practice offers immediate and ongoing wound care and management. Minor surgical procedures are available in the office and referrals are provided for patients that require more extensive interventions.

Men and women each have needs and conditions that are gender specific. To treat and manage those issues, the practice conducts regular, gender-specific clinics that address problems ranging from incontinence and erectile dysfunction to pregnancy-related concerns.

Integrative medicine is an often overlooked option that complements traditional methods. Patients at the Mackie Road Clinic will find multiple strategies that can be incorporated into treatment plans to manage pain, disease and illness. Integrative medicine addresses the health and wellness of the person as a whole, and not just the outward symptoms.

The signs of aging cause a significant amount of concern and worry to men and women. Fine lines and wrinkles can give people the appearance of looking much older than their chronological age. The clinic provides in-office anti-wrinkle injections to soften and hide the outward signs of aging for increased self-confidence.

About The Mackie Road Clinic
The Mackie Road Clinic’s has been serving the needs of area residents for more than 50 years with a full service practice. The practice offers a one-stop treatment center to help clients maintain health, wellness and a youthful appearance.

Located at 82 Mackie Rd. in Bentleigh East, the clinic can be reached by phone at 9579 3866. For more information, visit the Bentleigh East Medical Clinic online.

Mackie Road Clinic
Phone: 9579 3866