Infinity Network Solutions

Macon IT Consulting Team Launches New Website


Macon, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/08/2012 -- New and improved is a phrase we hear all the time in advertising. When it comes to products, things may be new, but rarely are they improved. The same cannot be said for Infinity Network Solutions’ new website, which launched Jun. 4, 2012.

“So many people (including us on our old site) have websites that tell you what they do but not how they serve their clients,” said Infinity Network Solutions founder and CEO Robert Betzel. “We wanted our site to speak directly to our clients and prospects in the way they want to be spoken to about what they want to know. We also wanted to ensure that we were positioned to continue to improve that conversation with video and other social media features.”

Robert and his partner Brian Betzel, who is Infinity’s Executive Vice President, wanted to establish a sense of balance between the information their website provided about the solutions the company offers and education about IT solutions that clients and prospects can take advantage of. They also wanted to have more conversations with their clients that left the clients feeling fulfilled, satisfied that their questions were sufficiently answered and that they, the clients, were heard. In fact, as Brian said in a blog post on Infinity’s website, many of the website changes that the Infinity team decided to make resulted from conversations with clients.

“If we heard the clients and prospects we worked with on this redesign, we will see people getting more of their IT thought leadership from our site and other education features we offer,” said Robert. “We also would expect that people who are considering a career in IT will be able to truly see what we do and how we do it. This will help them decide if their skills and goals align with ours.

“We’ve planned things out for this year not only to be a better company for ourselves but also for our clients. As the year rolls on, we’re sure everyone will see why,” said Brian.

It only takes a brief moment of browsing to see that Infinity Network Solutions has created a more robust and easily navigated website. Clients, prospects and job candidates alike can quickly find what they’re looking for and get a pretty good idea of what Infinity Network Solutions and its team are all about.

Visit http://www.infinitynetworks.netto learn more.